YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 21 (Chapter 118)

177 Days Until Confrontation And the Uncertain End (part 2)

The three ran through the streets headed to their next target. Explosions sounded around them, far enough away that they would not be hit in the fire, but close enough that they knew where it came from. Explosions from over loaded boilers and other fires that had been intentionally started by their attack. Screaming, sirens, gun shots, the world was a war zone as they ran ahead without worry. Zeydar’s magic was more powerful than it had been in Valaria. Or was it that he was directing it directly over them so it seemed more powerful?

Evester was not sure. 

Evester was sure that the others were acting in the way that they needed to. It was absolute chaos. He had yet to hear another instance of command from the others, or an inkling of what they were doing. However, the driven fight that was happening as the city broke apart in madness, meant they were acting. Hopefully in a way that saved the people that they’d come for in the first place. And the supplies that they still needed to retrieve.

“Report has come in. Military units are responding.” When Uly’s voice came over the headset it was like a melody so sweet, Evester forgot that he was out of breath. A lullaby from a long forgotten mother.

“Glad to hear you are alive.” Evester laughed as he directed Heiphillia and Zeydar to another building their next target. They had more places to destroy.

“Glad to know you haven’t destroyed everything yet.” Uly answered. “We have been able to secure all the supplies we need for our continued engagement with the task at hand. Excellent work so far.”

“We are trying our best.” Kori sounded, letting Evester know that the chatter would once more resume. There would be silence no more.

“When did you get the connection?” Crass asked.

“Took me a minute but now that we have military interference it doesn’t matter. Be prepared for constant frequency changes.” Uly warned them. “Have you moved our supplies.”

“We are on it.” Crass answered.

“Assisting as needed.” Lynx agreed.

Heiphillia slammed open the doors of the building Evester’s team approached. Shooting as she did, to attack all those who attacked them, there was close to zero hesitation. Mostly because they were shooting to kill. While they had it in them to defend themselves, Heiphillia had convinced them to make sure that the Unwanted Guests got captured. They needed to face their crimes. It meant that they had to incapacitate all of their enemies, but it would be better in the long run. Luckily Evester’s team had Zeydar, who was able to use his magic to spread over them and knock them out or leave them convulsing.

Unfortunately the action was in vain. For there was no one as they entered, besides themselves. And if they had not been known before, their entrance would have alerted someone. For seconds they waited for an attack that never came. Then and only then did they step further in.

“What is this place?” Heiphillia asked as she looked around. The building was a hospital from looks. Surgical clean like the hospitals from CloudCities. White walls, the smell of bleach. Tile floors and ceilings. Blue lighting, sickening as it continued to blind.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Zeydar warned Evester. Evester wasn’t sure what about the building made his stomach turn. Perhaps it was the look or the smell, but Evester had a bad feeling radiating from inside. The sort of feeling that made his hairs stand on edge and the adrenaline kick in further.

As they walked in, they were met with no one of importance, a few guards but not much else. Those guards were surprised to see them, and were easily disposed of by Zeydar.

“This is where they take them.” Heiphillia whispered to herself understanding first. The realization then snapped for Evester that the children in cages that they’d seen. This was the building where the experimentations took place. What they’d find in there, they’d never be able to erase from their minds.

“Move!” They heard someone yell down a hall. “They are getting closer.”

Heiphillia took off running, trying to get to those people. She was furious, rightly so. As much as Evester wanted to stop her, he wanted her to go and to destroy those who had destroyed others. Yet, it would compromise the rest of the mission. Reaching for her, Evester tried to grab her, when Heiphillia was grabbed by a security guard. Ready to attack, Evester rose his gun to shoot when he saw the eyes: Kim.

Kim whispered a few things to Heiphillia, and Evester hit the wall to watch as Kim held Heiphillia to the side. Zeydar hid himself and Evester in shadows. Doctors rushed down, Circles on their hands, organs in coolers that were being transported. They were followed by guards with weapons that Evester wasn’t certain that Zeydar’s barrier could stop. Once they were in the clear Kim let go of Heiphillia.

“They disect us?” Heiphillia gasped. “Those kids.”

“Were the lucky ones.” Kim interjected. When the three gave her looks of uncertainty she signaled for them to follow her. Following Kim down the hall, they met up with Kony who was sitting outside a room in a bit of a fright.

“Prepare yourselves.” Kim warned them.

“Are you okay?” Zeydar knelt down to him as Evester stepped into the room, to find chambers. All at once Evester felt bile rising in his throat. Heiphillia gasped out and Evester swore she’d scream, but she bit it down.

“Evester.” Heiphillia choked out. He turned to see her sobbing as she looked to the room before them. “We are going to absolutely destroy them.”

Evester reached for her unsure of what to say in the moment, outside of his visceral response to what he saw. “We will.”

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