YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 12 (Chapter 109)

185 Days Until Wonder And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

The clatter of metal to the ground made Zeydar flinch a bit as he looked upon the Staff. For a moment Zeydar had feared it had broken, knowing that he had only brought so many spares. Staffs were meant to break from an inability to control power. Not… this. Zeydar picked up the staff that Kony had thrown, turning to the boy who glared at him and the world around them. Zeydar could hear the silent curses radiating off of Kony in his anger.

“Throwing it, isn’t going to make magic easier.” Zeydar caressed the Staff, checking it for cracks and damages. If he had to replace it already, they’d be one less Staff for Kony to practice with.

“Why does it have to be so difficult.” Kony was just as pissed as he looked, not that it bothered Zeydar much, considering that Kony was a Star trying to learn magic in a fast paced way that no one else ever was subjected to.

“I wish I could tell you.” Zeydar had no answers for him. For Zeydar, magic had always come too easily to him. He was doing his best to explain the magic the way the books did, the way all Mages learned. He was trying his best and he knew it was helping Kony, but Kony didn’t have any of the theory of historical backing to support the magic.

“You aren’t explaining very well.” Karla kicked her legs out sitting up next to Kori who was still fast asleep.

“I’ve never had to teach before.” Zeydar admitted. He’d been able to get Kony to understand the basics, but much more than that was proving to be far more difficult. Did he need to go further into theory and history? They were two of his best subjects in school, but Kony didn’t seem to be the type to want to learn concepts. Kony wanted to act.

“Just do that thing again.” Kony suggested, reaching for his staff that Zeydar had finished checking. It was sturdy. For now.

“Thing again?”

“When you reached through me and used my magic. I understood then.”

Zeydar was at a loss of words. He had done something exceedingly dangerous to hurting Kony at the time. He had only risked it because his own magic had been elusive to him. It wasn’t a viable training method or else the Stars would have done so for years. “To do that would be dangerous.”

“But that made sense.”

Of course it made sense, Zeydar wanted to yell. Zeydar had been channeling his magic through Kony and using Kony as s medium for himself. Because Zeydar understood magic so well, Kony had been able to understand his own. That was why Zeydar had given Kony books. Worst yet, the boy had been reading all the books Zeydar gave him. Kony asked questions of the others for words he didn’t understand, relaying his further questions to Zeydar on the magic specifics. Yet, they had not progressed much for all the books were basics or an introduction to all the magic types. Magic types and spells. They  had not progressed much, for most of magic came from theory, and knowledge, not just the ability. Zeydar had given Kony once book, once, and Kony still had not read much of it.

“Kony.” Zeydar looked at the way Kony looked up to him. Zeydar could see in the boy’s eyes that he knew that theory and history were important, but he wanted an easy way. Kony also knew what Zeydar had done had not been natural. Kony knew that, but he still wanted to try it again. Zeydar handed Kony back his staff and stepped behind Kony, discarding all the teachings he’d ever had in his life. He thought of Tyler. “Magic is more than just a feeling. It is theory and history. Words and manipulation.” And it was even more than that.

“That’s not the standard, Tyler.” Zeydar laughed. “We aren’t supposed to do that yet.”

“Sometimes we have to change the way we do things, because it feels better.” Tyler took his hands. “And magic for each person is very different. Very unique.”

Zeydar had gone his whole life confident in his magic where most Mages were weary. Zeydar had chalked that up lately, to the fact that he was a different class and the way the magic breathed against him was instinctual while others did not have that. Instead, Zeydar started to wonder if it was the way that Tyler had taught him. Confidence in his knowledge, in his magic, in the facts that were before him. Practice and memorization, until there was no fear. 

“If I do this… You read all the theory books, or else what I do now, will never make sense to you.” Zeydar warned Kony, when the boy agreed willingly Zeydar placed his hands against Kony’s elbows, shifting Kony’s hold ever so slightly. “Feel your center of mass.” Kony shifted his weight, planting himself. “Close your eyes, and listen.”

Zeydar knew the others were watching them. Not just Karla. Not Kori who had just woke up. Not those who had been outside, but everyone. On the bus and otherwise. Everyone had their eyes on them.

“Magic doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn’t have to be big. Often the best spells are the ones you trust the most.” Zeydar let his hands trail from Kony’s elbows to his back pulling the magic through Kony as he did. He placed a hand on his back behind the shoulder blades and while the other went to his wrist. He lifted the staff with Kony’s hands. “Relax your muscles. You are too tense in your wrists. Like holding a delicate flower. Lightly, loosely. Good.”

Zeydar helped Kony relax his shoulders, his arms, and to begin taking deep breaths. 

“Magic is a conversation. Like that with a child, where the child knows none of the words you have at your disposal. It is a feeling, a request with nothing but thought.”

“Then why the words?” Kony asked.

“Because that is magic’s language. All children have their own language, that we can not hope to understand. The words are a way for us to glimpse in. And theory and history is how we un”

“But you don’t have to.” Kony whispered and then spoke faster. “Because you are one of them.” Kony opened his eyes and looked up to Zeydar. “Is it like with the Aralax? Like hundreds of years ago when people spoke different languages?” Zeydar gave a short nod and Kony kept himself focused on Zeydar. Kony offered out his hand.  “Let me see the world the way you do?”

Zeydar took the boy’s hand and fed his magic into him, through him, taking the world into Kony in the way he had once before, not wanting to hurt Kony with the connection. He didn’t even fully know the way the connection worked. Zeydar pulled his hand back to see all the eyes watching.

“You are really sick.” Kony raced to help Zeydar who was falling to his knees, disoriented, and feeling panic settling in. “I know that you won’t hurt us. Not after you saved us.”

Even though, Zeydar wasn’t sure that was true in any way.

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