YP – B3:QtnoWLM – Chapter 7 (Chapter 104)

194 Days Until Division And the Uncertain End

Evester tapped his fingers against the seat as he watched the others train outside of the window. Half of EverDanger was out there training their new recruits the ways of EverDanger. The other half were on the bus having a meeting, but Evester who was not paying attention. They were only a little more than a days drive from the city and they had to keep moving. If they didn’t… the Unwanted Guests could catch up. Zeydar’s eyes met Evester’s through the window. Words were exchanged in the eyes and Evester could not truly read them.

“We will have to send second teams ahead.” Shawn spoke slowly from next to Evester, drawing Everster’s attention to the matter at hand. Kim, Uly, Shawn and Evester sat in a circle, speaking of their next plans.

“Not too far out right?” Kim asked.

“Far enough that we have a solid path ahead. As we move closer to danger zones its going to be important for ambushes.” Shawn answered.

“They can move while we do our training, and finalize our next stop.” Uly agreed. “We may need to get a secondary vehicle to make more progress.”

“Where will we find one?” Shawn asked.

“Abandoned UnderCities.” Evester joined the conversation once more. “We can find something that will work.” They had thought about taking one from the Unwanted Guests, but Uly was afraid of them being tracked. It had made sense at the time, although not so much.

“Welcome back.” Shawn snorted. “But if that’s what we have to do then we will.”

“Where is the next closest UnderCity?” Kim asked Uly. Uly pulled up his map and showed them the closest one to them.

“The best course of action would be getting close enough to steal one with a small team.” Uly decided. “Heia, and Shawn will be on that team, since they grew up in UnderCities. Evester, you too.”

“I can do that.” Evester starred at the map. “And Phil? Since he is the best with stealing cars?”

“Or Rayda. We can ask who is up for it.” Kim agreed. 

“What’s the news of Aralax attack response?” Shawn changed the conversation. “Have we been reacting?”

“After the near Tower collapse that was stopped, and another UnderCity attack, the world is on high alert but listening… from what I can tell at least,” Uly answered. “They are morons regardless and nothing is perfect.”

“As long as they are reacting.” Shawn leaned back. “We will need to make squads that are permanent rotationals once we get that car.”

Something about the word reacting made Evester feel a bit at odd. Like he was forgetting something. Why was their reaction to the Aralax so important?

“Permanent?” Kim clarified.

“It’ll help with team dynamic to have permanent teams.” Shawn went on to explain benefits that none of them really wanted to hear.

“Agreed.” Uly pulled up a list of names. “This is what I recommend.”

Evester looked over the list and shrugged. He didn’t look too deeply at it. “It looks good to me.”

“Are you sure?” Kim asked. “We will be separated.”

“Your skills are better used as a team leader.” Evester thought about it for a moment realizing that it was the first time they would be. She and he were always partners when they could be. However, they didn’t need to be. “Besides Phil and I get along great. With this set up, we can have the car mission as a near first mission for my team.” Only it would have Shawn instead of Zeydar. 

Uly sighed. “I tried to keep the iconic duos together, for the sake of ease.”

There were four teams of four. The first was Uly, Crass, Karla, and Robee. The second was Lynx, Onyx, Kony and Kori. The third was Kim, Rayda, Shawn, and Trace. The fourth was Evester, Phil, Zeydar, and Heia. For some reason Uly had split Rayda and Phil along with Kim and Evester, and Evester felt that had to do more with Eveter than it did Phil. There must have been a reason, in Uly’s mind, that Phil needed to watch them. Evester didn’t think too much more on it, because that was what Uly did. It was better to trust him than doubt him, a decades worth of experience told him that.

“Are we sure we don’t want to keep the triplets together?” Kim asked. “And put them with me? So… Me and the triplets. You with Trace, and Shawn and Rayda go to Lynx and Onyx?”

“Having two original score members per team, seemed like the best option, but if you think we should go with that we can.” Uly said the words in a way that made Evester shake. Uly was tired and running on fumes just like all of them. Perhaps trusting his decisions wasn’t for the best, or perhaps they still needed to listen and he was just tired trying to justify himself. Evester was not sure.

“We can ask.” Kim suggested. “And figure out the best teams from there?”

“Agreed.” Shawn nodded. “We can ask and create the best group dynamic based on skill and what is necessary for situations.”

Evester did not care much for the lists, as he had his own team preference. He looked back outside to see Zeydar staring at him again. A chill of mild fear went though him when looking in Zeydar’s eyes. Fear not of Zeydar but of something else, and fear all the same. It was something that made his heart race and smile form. Adrenaline came to him. Not that he could stop that or wanted to. Zeydar would always be on any team that Evester wanted for himself, for the high was worth it. “We ask as we continue later today. Now, we should go with training.”

Evester did not wait for the others as he exited the bus. 

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