YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 5 (Chapter 102)

195 Days Until Perseverance And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia stepped from the bus, and into the warehouse, where they had decided to remained holed up for the next few hours. Phaser in hand, Heia turned it over in her hand trying to ready her heart as she heard the others shuffling around her. She listened to the conversations around her.

“Most of the power cores aren’t full.”

“Attach them to solar panels and we will charge them as we drive.”

“You don’t think we will find them in the hide out?”

“We are going to have to hope that we do.”

Uly and Rayda speaking on what to do on the bus, and how they would figure out the power situation. They had enough for a few days of driving but not ten continuous days. They were going to have to figure it out and the idea of it was freaking Heia out.

“The hideout is here.” 

“Okay. Team one will move…”

Shawn and Kim talked about the plan for raiding. A raid that Heia didn’t want to think about. A raid she was going to have to go on.

“I need for the supplies to be organized.”

“I’m trying.”

“Are you?”

“I know your sorting system by this point Karla.”

“You could have fooled me.”

Kori and Karla arguing as Kony listened and laughed at both of them. The three of them wanted to go, but Heia had been able to convince them not to.

“You okay?” Zeydar pulled at Heia’s attention. He stood with a jacket on, and a Staff in his hand.

“Are you bringing that with?” Heia looked at the Staff, knowing it was for magic, but she had seen him do magic without it. Did he need it? Would it control him?

“This? Of course. And when they try to force me to drop it, then I’ll have my other.” He showed her the bracelet.

“Do you always wear two?” She asked knowing that perhaps this small talk could put them at ease.

“Always, but right now I’m wearing more than that.” He answered winking at her. “I have to be prepared for the absolute worst.”

“But you don’t need it?” She asked the question she had been wondering since the moment she saw him holding them.

“No. My powers work better without them, but that would be a siren to anyone who is looking for us.” And they needed to hide. She understood. He seemed tired, and distracted. “Karla gave me the list of what we definitely need.”

“Good.” Heia nodded not wanting to think about it for too long.

“What do you expect to find?” He knew she was distracted, and seemed to use her guide and cut to the chase.

“Honestly? I have no clue.” She was worried about this raid for that exact reason.

“Everyone circle up!” Kim called out, snapping Heia’s attention over to Kim and Shawn. With the pack, Heia and Zeydar moved to Kim who held the map. “Team One. Evester, Heia, Zeydar, Me, Shawn. Team two, Crass, Phil, Kori, Robee, Rayda. Team three Uly, Lynx, Onyx, Trace, Kony, Karla. One and Two go. Three stays behind.”

“Why does Kori get to go?” Trace was pissed hearing of the team dynamics. Heia, herself, was frustrated to learn that Kori was going as well. She had been promised that her sister would not go.

“Kony is still learning magic, so he won’t be as great as an asset as we’d like, and so we need you here to protect the bus and our supplies. Once we give you the signal, we’ll have Lynx, Kony, Onyx, and Trace secure the path back to the bus here.” Kim did not give into protests, that much was clear. “Leaders are Me, Crass, and Uly. Listen to your leaders.”

“Com system is up.” Uly handed out the headsets and Heia took her’s willingly. “Stay in contact.”

“As always.” Evester laughed, putting the headset on. EverDanger looked comfortable placing them on even as Heia tried and found it uncomfortable. Heia knew that they used the devices all the time. His eyes landed on Heia and Zeydar giving them a nod that Heia did not trust. 

“We get in, we get out. We attack when necessary, and get as much supplies as we can. Team one is on infiltration. Team two is running supplies back and forth. Stay alive.” Kim took the moment to look each and every person in the eyes. “Stay light. Stay diligent. Don’t be stupid.”

Heia felt her skin prickle with the words that EverDanger said before every one of their acts. This was another test to them, another game, another endeavor. It was more of the same, life and death stakes that proved to Heia that they were as insane as she had once believed. Proving to Heia that she was just as insane, by finding comfort in knowing how confident they were.

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