YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 4 (Chapter 101)

195 Days Until Perseverance And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester hated his mental map. In part, it was because it was unreliable. In part, it was because he was right about distances and the time it would get there. Sure, his mental map didn’t have the exact locations, or ways to get somewhere, but he knew how long it would take. It also proved to him, however, that if he had just had an actual map with him, he would have arrived at LakeLost faster than winging it.

But where would the fun have been otherwise?

“The city is littered in Unwanted Guest tracks.” Shawn reported as he threw his weapon to the side and shrugged off his jacket. “We are going to need to collect winter supplies if we plan to make this journey properly. Weather is changing and you city folk aren’t going to be ready.”

“We will insulate the bus starting tomorrow.” Kim suggested. She, Rayda, Shawn, and Robee had went out ahead to scout the city ahead. When they came back, Shawn had been against bringing everyone in.

“With what supplies?” Shawn glared at her. He was the only one fighting against going to the OverCity. They weren’t to be trusted, the ruins were but a horrible reminder of a past when people who lived above ground lived in towers of their own.

“Why… the supplies we are going to get, silly.” Kim giggled, leaning over the bus seat.

Shawn rolled his eyes and plopped down in a seat, giving Rayda, and Robee space to move in further and get comfortable. The team was still working out team dynamics. Before it had always been easy, but with eight new members to the EverDanger team, the dynamic was shifting. Everything was complicated now, and Evester wasn’t sure how long the stability would last. Rayda went on. “We found a few stores that we can loot, but we are going to have to leave this Lowerland OverCity before nightfall, if we know what’s good for us.”

“What about Aralax signs?” Evester looked into the eyes of Robee, who shrugged.

“I didn’t see any.” He answered. Evester hoped he knew exactly what to look for.

“Then we find a place to stay in the city.” Evester decided, returning his gaze to Uly’s maps.

“That will take time.” Rayda said.

“That will be far more dangerous.” Shawn added.

“We can’t stay in a city, we know. Didn’t you say that before?” Kim continued on.

The protests erupted across the bus as Evester’s eyes trailed over the map. He traced his finger over the route they were going. “We will be cooped up on the bus for at least ten days, if we avoid this city. We need the supplies and temperatures are dropping fast.”

“It’s not that far of a journey.” Uly disagreed

“No?” Evester drew a circle with his fingers. “This is Aralax territory. If we can get through this in two days, I’ll be amazed.”

They wanted to avoid fighting, erase their track, make it impossible to follow. A straight route was not what they were going to be able to do. The bus went silent as Uly calculated it himself and agreed. “We won’t have the power to make that.”

“We had better figure out how to store more then.” Evester realized the bus had gone silent. “So, we need power cores and supplies, and we will be trapped with each other on this bus for ten days.”

“Ten days?” Zeydar was the one who spoke next. “You are certain?”

“Can you make do ten days?” Evester looked back to Zeydar who had his eyes open now and Kony who was swiveling around to look at them all, as his focus left his book.

“I’m not a damsel needing saving. I can make it ten days.” Zeydar had not gained back the wight he lost from the week leading up to their flight in the Tower. He was still dreadful to look at, for someone with such a handsome face. It was the fire in his eyes that was different and told Evester that he’d be okay. “The real question is if everyone will. We will have to store the energy cores, food, supplies in here with us. And it will be cramped.”

“It’s why we raid the city tonight.” Evester explained. There was no other choice. “If there are only signs of Unwanted Guests then we raid. Aralax are the real worry here.”

“What exactly are Unwanted Guests?” Phil asked. “People who sell other people.”

“Kill on sight, it doesn’t matter.” Evester didn’t want to get into it. Everyone looked at him as if he had stuttered when saying kill. None of them wanted to, but they would have to learn. “Anyone who is not us we can not trust. We raid the city tonight.”

“Then we have to send out scouts.” Kim leaned against Evester’s seat. “To scout out all the stores that we can still raid. It’s not going to be many. Right?”

“The town feels abandoned.” Shawn answered. “But there is not much here.”

“There will be.” Evester looked over the city. “It’s just a matter if you want to raid it or not.”

“Where?” Zeydar asked.

“The Unwanted Guest’s have to have a hideout somewhere.” Heia answered for Evester, proving that she knew exactly what Evester was thinking, and that she did not approve in any way, shape or form. That excited Evester. She glared as he smiled and the energy on the bus solidified. If there was supplies in the town, the Unwanted Guests would be hoarding it, and it would be the best supplies for them.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then.” Evester laughed.

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