YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 51 (Chapter 97)

Resistance (Part 3) 

Heia looked at the back of Zeydar who stood in the light of the morning looking deadly serious and completely sober, although she knew he was hopped up on Sweet Dreams. He stood outside the bus looking out to the world, as if he had never seen it in person people. Heia figured he never had, having been in CloudCity after CloudCity his entire life. The smell of their breakfast, or dinner depending on the perspective, clung to the air as a memory. It would perhaps be the last dinner they could cook out in the open for a long time.

“Alright.” Zeydar spun his staff looking back to all those who were airing out the bus and preparing for their sleep. “We will just need a half hour.” 

“You got it, but nothing more.” Evester answered for them. Most had not gotten a goo night sleep, save Phil, Lynx, and Onyx, who were on duty to drive that morning and afternoon as everyone else caught up on sleep. “We are going to sleep.”

“Go ahead.” Zeydar looked to Kony who stood next to Heia. “Ready?”

“Yes!” Kony smiled walking away from her, tightly holding his Staff that Zeydar had given him. He had a spark about him, an excitement that Heia could not match, not for what he was about to try.

“What exactly are you going to do?” Heia asked, realizing in the second after she asked that she was sounding like their eldest sister. She had never expected herself to sound like Layla in her life, and yet she was sounding like her. Worry, and annoying tone in all.

“Worried?” Zeydar looked back with a confidence about him that gave Heia no confidence. She doubted they had been wrong about Kony being a Star, she knew in her gut he was. She was only worried if magic was more dangerous than Zeydar let on. She’d seen a Tower collapse from it.

“It would be silly of me not to be.” Heia defended herself as Kony glared back at her.

“Training.” Zeydar smiled softly. “In magic sensing and basic control. Nothing more.”

“That’s it?”

“It’s all I can start with. Kony needs to know what elements he has a connection to, as well as what discipline. Healing, defense, offense…” He rambled of to himself, looking to Kony as if to say that he already knew but that Kony needed to figure it out for himself.

“It’s not healing?” Heia remembered when her brother had healed them as the Tower collapsed and went up in flames.

“I channeled magic through him. Most mages only specialize in one.” Zeydar answered as if she should know what any of it meant.

“But you don’t?” She did know that he implied that he specialized in more. She wondered if it were a Class One trait, and if her brother would be able to.

“I specialize in all magic.” Zeydar answered placing his staff to the ground, letting it explode in color. The color wove its way through his staff like the night sky, impossibly vast and beautiful. Heia felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Let’s sleep.” Evester pulled her away.

“But—“ Heia protested.

“You need rest. You can get at him again later.” Evester continued to walk unwilling to let her go.

“But…” She didn’t want to see her brother get hurt.

“Come on.” Evester ordered her this time, telling her she shouldn’t bother them.

And she knew he was right, but a part of her didn’t want to leave her brother alone to learn something else that she wouldn’t understand. It scared her in a way. But she had to trust him, had to trust Zeydar not to hurt him. With a sigh, Heia let the thought drop and she headed to the bus again with Evester. Her siblings were on the dangerous journey with her. She did not have the time to be so suspicious or else the unknown may kill them all.

She had to trust them.

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This is the end of book 2. I’m not planning on skipping a week as of rn, so expect book 3 next week. See you all then!

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