YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 47 (Chapter 93)

202 Days Until Collapse And the Uncertain End (Part 7) 

Zeydar walked through the flames of the street, pushing them back and leaving a path for the others to escape based on the route he had seen from Evester’s map. In an instant he knew how to help the Tower, not by memory but by magic. There was a map in the darkness, and Zeydar now knew where everything was, where everything to destroy would be.

He knew how to escape.

Kony had been a sacrifice. He’d be okay, but Zeydar had needed his magic. Zeydar had never pulled magic from another before, but it had helped to alleviate his own symptoms for his withdrawl. He didn’t trust himself to be able to last very long off of it, but he would be able to last for now. He was clear headed, as best he could be, and his body was not shaking in pain.

He could save the Tower, but he had to get to the heart of it all.

Zeydar ran through the streets towards Star Campus. It was the center place and if he could get there, he could stop the Tower destruction. As he ran, he tried to mitigate the damage, focused on the Tower and on himself. Getting to Star Campus took time, and the destruction would not wait as he ran. However that time gave him a better understanding of his magic. Breathing evenly, he controlled the explosions best he could pulling them apart slowly, degrading the magic spell by spell, intricacy by intricacy. It was not easy but it was proof.

A part of Zeydar knew this magic. He had confused it for his own in Arcadia, but that was not what it was. It was Superior magic that was causing this. Superior magic that cause Arcadia. He had expedited it with his own magic lashing out, but it was not fully his fault.

However it was proof that Zeydar was right. His lashing out was not to be trusted. If he could get through the full detox for a few weeks, secluded, then perhaps he could make it through, but the others would not give that to him. They’d put him back on Sweet Dreams. A part of him wanted to go back on Sweet Dreams. Everything felt right when on Sweet Dreams, and The Uncertain End could not be stopped with an uncertainty like himself.

He would, however, plan out his weaning the way he intended and control it himself. 

Through Star campus gates he moved, noting the emptiness. Running directly to where his magic guided him, he did not stop for anything. He hurried to the Superior council room, and towards the center, dropping to his knees and closing his eyes. Breathing out, Zeydar focused on controlling the split. 

One by one. Do not rush. One by one.

He pulled apart the less dangerous ones first. Individually, he kept the others from reacting as he dismantled the spells to the point where they would not activate the others. He pulled them apart, switching between them as he had to, in order to keep them balanced. It was as he came to their base spells that he realized he’d have to fracture them all at the same moment in order to ensure they were destroyed and the Tower remained. 

It would cause a shake. It could destroy everything, but he could hold the building together and isolate the explosions. He had to believe the failsafes were already up. 

Counting down in his mind, Zeydar found himself surrounded by silence as he pulled apart the spells and the world shook as it had with the Catastrophe, with the destruction of Arcadia. It shook, and he contained the explosion, dispersing the energy in a way that would not destroy the cracks more. The world shook, cried, and magic warned him that he was over taxing himself. It warned him that he would —

His mind was going blank, but the situation was not over. 

He had to reinforce the damage. Heal it. Put out the fires. Stop the destruction. He forced the Tower into rain. He forced the metal at the cracks to melt into itself and heal as best as he could. He felt the shaking stop, felt that world cool, and his mind went blank.

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