YP – B2:UtGoaFN – Chapter 41 (Chapter 87)

202 Days Until Collapse And the Uncertain End (Part 1)

The shakes were all encompassing in a way that made his mind blank. In some way he knew that this was not normal. Everything told him that it was not normal. The sounds were so loud. Everything was too crisp, too vibrant. There was too many emotions in the voices that he could hear. The magic was swirling, tickling, calling, crying, warning. Warning. Warning.


Zeydar opened his eyes to see Onyx with Phil looking down at him. It was only then that he realized he had been yelling. Screaming rather. About what? What had he been—

That was when he understood. The memories were there. This was a full detox and with it he heard the screams, the cries, the worry and fear. People who died because of him.

Because of him?

Superiors may have caused it and blamed him.

No proof. No proof. No proof. 

But what if — Then what — What would he — How could be — 

And then his mind was hyper focused on the current state.

Destruction. Valaria. Stop it. The connection to the other Superiors. Calling to him. To him. To him. To escape? No. No he would not escape.

Push back. It was not a demand, but a guidance as he pressed his control against the calling of the powers he had swore himself to. He did not have to be controlled. He was stronger better, far better, than they were. He had control over magic that they would never. 

Save. Save the lives. Save himself. Save the world. Save Valaria. Save Evester. Save Heia. Save EverDanger. Save families. Save May. Save Valaria. Save Valaria. Save…

And then he felt it, felt the connection to the Tower, the magic cast without him intending to do so. It was pulled out of him, rooting him to the Cloud  City, to the Tower, like roots growing out of his body. The magic from his body and into the world circling all people, all places, all of everything. Warnings, but he did not know where or why. It was all so foreign. What if he broke something? What if he broke everything?

Safe. He was safe this time. He was in a safe place with safe people, in his home. There was nothing that would hurt him here, only that which would save him. Only that which would support him. 

So he let himself fall into the magic, into the control into it all. Searching for a direction to his madness, he tried to understand all the pulls of the magic. Why it wanted him one way or another, controlling the pull as he searched for a way to stop the destruction that he could now feel. It would activate soon. Soon…


“Zeydar.” He was shaken awake. His eyes landed on Uly who was kneeling next to him, his hands gripped tight on Zeydar’s shoulders.

“I’m. Fine.” How much time had passed? Had he been screaming again? Reality was blurring against him now.

“Get me something.” Uly then wiped Zeydar’s mouth.

Had he vomitted? Why was he so cold? Why was his body shaking? His head was spinning, everything was too bright, too loud too —

“Focus on anything. Anything that will keep you grounded.” Uly whispered as Phil handed Uly water. Uly helped Zeydar to find it. Focus on him, focus on…

Pounding lights. Swaying bodies. Loud music. Eyes, that he would never forget. Focus on that, on a time when he had controlled all of what he was experiencing. He did it then. He could do it now. “Found it.”

It took Uly a moment to understand what Zeydar meant. “Where?”

“Dunno.” He just had felt it and he needed to go back in.

“Can you stop it?” Uly did not break eye contact.

“Try. Will try.” And his body shook in pain. Everything hurt. It all hurt. “How long, full?”

“Full detox?” Uly knew then that Zeydar knew, Zeydar could taste it on the worry that Uly gave off. “Since the day we moved you.”

Two days? Had it been two days? It felt like forever ago. “Worse. Bad.” This was only going to get worse. Could he save them in this state? Would he have realized it without being in this state? They should have listened to him, and at this rate there was nothing he could do to stop it, other than to Dream, and that would kill them all. All he could say was, “Stay away. Stay safe.”

“I can’t leave you alone.” Uly disagreed.

“Not safe. Stay back. Will stop.” His words were too fragmented as his mind was split into parts. Could he form coherent sentences if he tried? Probably. The issue would be that the magic would no longer be in control. He had to control it. Had to.

“No.” Uly held him, but Zeydar’s vision was too bright, he had to close his eyes and soon he was spinning back through the magic. Faster? Faster? No… Why was the destruction coming faster? Was it his magic? That couldn’t happen, not again. He had to stop it. Stop it… He broke apart the first magic time bomb sending a spasm through him and the magic lashing back out through him and around him, but he had stopped the biggest shake that would have destroyed the foundation.


Or had he made it worse?

He was not sure. The world was shaking, or was it him? The world was burning or was that him? Everything was falling apart… Safe. His magic told him and launched itself out around him protecting him, protecting those around him. Keep them safe. Keep his safety safe. They would save him. They would not hurt him. Protect them like they were him, his body. They’d protect him. They had to. And so he’d protect them.

Zeydar opened his eyes to a destoyed Cabin. Uly was knocked out next to him. 

Save. The magic guided him to heal. Heal. Save them all. Uly’s eyes flickered open and he gasped sitting up. 

“Phil! Crass. Onyx!” Uly called out.

“We are okay.” Crass moved debris, revealing them worse for wear but alive. 

“Carry me. We need to move now.” Zeydar struggled to move. “Keep me safe and I’ll protect you…”

Zeydar knew he shouldn’t have stood up, for as soon as he had, he was falling down again from dizziness. His head was spinning and his magic was guiding him once more into the darkness.

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