YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 36 (Chapter 82)

205 Days Until Transportation And the Uncertain End

Evester’s blood was pumping faster than it probably needed to be. The faster it moved, the faster be began to sweat. The faster he sweat, the faster they would be noticed for being out of place. Deep breaths in and out, over and over, calming himself until the moment Uly gave them the clear. He needed to calm his racing heart even as he wanted to bounce and run. The way this fear made him feel exhilarated him. They could be caught at any moment.

Dead breaths in and out, Evester kept himself from standing out. That was part of the task and make his mind swim faster.

Kim glanced over her stun gun before turning to him. “Ready?”

“Yes.” Evester opened the eyes he’d been clenching shut, to look at Kim and Heiphillia who stood pale and clearly anxious. He kept his voice steady. “Worried?”

“Yes.” Hepihillia glared at him. “Does it have to be today?”

“Yes.” Kim and Evester said at the same time. They had discussed the matter all too many times. To keep Zeydar best hidden, they had to move him in the middle of the day through the city. It wasn’t optimal for any of them but the general need to move him. The day was supposed to be like any other day, but for some reason there were more soldiers about than normal.

Evester’s soul sang. Everything was so vivid, clear, defined. He was certain that if he tried, he’d survive just about anything. When was the last time he’d so fully lived in the sensation? The state of The Immortal, was about him. This Evester could do anything.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 35 (Chapter 81)

206 Days Until Saviors And the Uncertain End 

Heia stood watching as her siblings were packed away into the transports to be taken away. The orphans moved first, moving with all that they owned, into the transports to disappear. Layla and Andre helped the kids get settled, but they were not returning to Heia’s side. The orphan were as much of Heia’s family as anyone could be but Layla and Andre were her blood.

“The house is quiet.” Kim’s voice startled Heia as she came from behind.

“It is.” Heia controlled herself, as Layla packed the last of the orphans away with Andre. Layla turned back and gave a curt wave to Heia. When Andre turned back, Heia felt as if she were betraying him. Her older brother wanted nothing more than to protect her, but Heia needed Andre to protect Layla and their family.

“Are Layla and Andre staying with us?” Kim asked because Layla and Andre had not decided until that morning. They’d only told Heia and Heia was to tell all the others. As the current oldest, she was going to be in charge.

“They aren’t EverDanger recruits. They are going to stay with the orphans.” Layla had already made her position clear on the matter. She wanted their whole family to stick together, and had been furious that they were to separate. Kony wanted to stay near Zeydar to learn magic, and Kori was staying with Karla and Kony. Robee and Trace would never give up on joining EverDanger. Andre had convinced Layla to go with the orphans, to protect them. Heia had convinced Andre to go with Layla, because no one in their family should be alone. “Endwin is going with them.”

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Moon & Stars: FairyLoot Box

What an absolute mess. HAHA. I panicked about getting this box. But I did finally get it. Which, is great! It took me forever to get this box and then to take these photos.

January 2020 Fairy Loot Box: Moon & Stars

I think that in general, I did like this box but it was less literary than I assumed it would be. I try to not look at the spoilers before the month comes out. Thus I was not aware this box would be mostly FL original stuff. There were only a few book related items.

I did like a lot of them, despite it not being book related.

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February TBR

Halloween is coming early this year as I start off on spooky books. This month, while selecting books, I sort of just pulled what seemed like interesting titles to me. Things I thought I might want to read. However, I know I won’t read all of these. I also know that I will want to read others.

Thus, this list is extremely tentative. In an attempt to get myself back into the love for reading. I’m opening my entire books shelf up to be picked from. I’m not going to limit myself because otherwise I’ll just sit and want to read something that I can’t because it wasn’t on my list to read.

Most of the time I pick the books I really want to read, and I did pick the ones that interested me, but who knows how much I’ll stick to this list.


YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 34 (Chapter 80)

207 Days  Until Escape And the Uncertain End

Evester walked into the safe room to see Zeydar lying on the ground mumbling to himself something. He wasn’t shaking, which was a good sign, however he was seeing things and feeling things that weren’t there. As if he were in Dreams, but not. Evester had hoped that somehow the limited doses would make the full detox easier to deal with. Now, he was not sure.

“I figured it out.” Zeydar sat up startling Lynx and Evester. The two waited for him to continue as Uly and Crass switched over their reports for watching Zeydar. Evester and Uly’s shift was to begin soon. “Its a manipulation of the connection.” Zeydar said as if all of them should know exactly what he was talking about.

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