YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 40 (Chapter 86)

203 Days Until Understanding And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Evester loved the look of terror that came when ever he did the unexpected. The way that the horror spread across the room once the cuffs dropped to the floor, made him feel alive. He loved being in control like this. The ability to make others know that he can the power, always enticed him. He could escape at any moment, and there would be nothing they could do to stop him. In seconds all the weapons in the room were aimed at him, making his body fall into a state he craved at all times. True danger.

“If we had listened to the Project and properly tested all  people as we were supposed to, we would not be in this situation.” Evester smiled to them all as if he were not wanting to try more, to push harder, to place his life on the line.

“We have.” Someone snapped back.

“Now I know you haven’t watched the EverDanger video. If you had, you’d know that one of Heia’s siblings tested as a Class 1 Star.” Evester spoke directly to the Superiors. “An untrained Superior class Mage. Untrained for now that is… Zeydar promised to train him.”

“Where is Zeydar.” The Superiors demanded.

“Not yet.” Everster held his hand up to them. “We must come to an agreement on evacuating the entire Tower.”

“I thought you said you could stop this!” Another Council member snapped. Evester tried to place the name but could not be bothered.

“We are trying but if we can not, no one has to die. We can get everyone out.” Evester answered stepping forward looking to all the people in all the screens.

“People won’t want to leave out of—“

“Fear of looting? Obviously you don’t realize they fear death more.” Evester needed to appeal to whatever part of them cared about others.


“So we risk everyone dying on the fact that I might be able to save the Tower, when we could ensure everyone survives? I see, these are the odds you are working with.” The words created a silence in the room. Evester continued speaking. “I have given you the way to save everyone. Why are you hesitating?”

“How can we believe the project?” Estashia offered out.

“The project has saved X communities and it can save the Tower.” Evester gave her the rehearsed answer. “Look to LakeLost. AmpleValley. Merotia.”

“Tell us what is destroying the Tower.” A Council member from another Tower asked Evester.

“I have no clue. Zeydar is figuring it out right now.” Evester answered to the best of his ability, hoping for the life of him that it wasn’t their act of detoxing Zeydar.

A female Superior called out. “Zeydar is—“

“Is what?” Detoxing? They knew? Or did they assume? He was being controlled with it then? Evester was not sure, but the idea seemed to have more weight now. “He’s fine.”

“What do you demand?” Estashia asked.

“Immunity for my family, and Heia’s. Immunity for Zeydar. The allowance for us to leave and continue our mission. And for you to listen to the project and to react accordingly.” This was the moment of truth. The last chance he would be given. His demand that his mother would then use to spin to what she needed.

“We will have to discuss.” Estashia gave the signal that it was now time to leave.

Evester did not wait for the guards. He turned to the door and Heiphillia followed after him.

“How long with that take?” She asked him as they were escorted out.

“They are going to push it.” Evester was not sure what his mother could do to expedite the process. She always had a plan, however, and Evester knew better than to question it.

“Wait.” Estashia called out and Evester stopped walking. “How much time do we have?”

“Any time between four hours and twenty eight hours.” Evester did not look back to her as he exited the room with the guards, knowing that they were going to be held once more and only time would tell if they were accepted or not.

His mother had the final piece on the board, and it was her turn to control the world as she always did.

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