YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 39 (Chapter 85)

203 Days Until Understanding And the Uncertain End (part 2)

The room was glass with bright lights and filled with a round stadium of seating. There were beautifully lined and comfortable chairs along  with tables and name tags that identified each council member. Images showed on the glass screens of multiple other councils all over the world. It was grand and awe inspiring, so much that Heia felt more intimidated than she had before. 

“Ah. Full world council.” Evester chuckled as they walked into the room. He led her on towards the seats in the center of the room, where they would be interrogated.

Heia’s training kicked in the moment they were seated in the center. Her eyes darted towards all he exits to find their best ways out. Find all the exits. Look at all the guards. Figure out who could stop them and how. Map out what she knew of the building, which was little.

“Slow down. Look as if you are admiring.” Evester whispered to her. “Calmly examine them all. Tell me how many you find.”

“Six.” She answered as she let herself slip into the awe of the room.

“There is also one under the Council Leader’s feet.” Evester starred directly at Estashia Igilistal who stood on a rised podium. Council Leader, Heia understood. She was not Evester’s mother at that moment. Instead, Estashia Igilistal was what the people called, Queen.

“What is a World Council?” Heia asked him.

“All Towers that exist, interact. They are a monthly thing, but this is an emergency.” Evester answered nonchalantly. He then winked at her. “Obviously.” He had absolutely no fear as he sat chained up and at the mercy of the governments that could erase him.

“We call this meeting into order!” A man who was not Estashia spoke loudly. Whatever sound there was, was silenced. “The time is eight pm, date is —“

Heia watched as Evester rolled his shoulders back and relaxed in his chair  with a slouch. He was far too relaxed in form, but Heia saw the concentration in his eyes. He was working to break out, she understood then. Perhaps it was her training and knowing what he looked like when he did such acts. His cockiness did not fool her. He was slouched to hide his hands as the worked. His eyes were as unfocused as they could be, but there was concentration in them, perhaps he was hoping anyone who saw it, would think he’d try to talk them out.

There were six — no seven, exits.

“State your names.” The man asked them.

“Heiphillia. No last name.” Heia answered. “X.”

“Evester Igilistal, Circle.” Evester answered without so much of a care.

“Seriously, Evester.” His mother reprimanded him.

“Evester Igilistal, Prince of Valaria, Circle of Honor.” Evester corrected himself. There was a bit of muttering in response to the ‘prince of Valaria’ bit. Heia refused to believe he was actually titled as a prince, which made her suspect he threw it in as a mockery.

“Circle of Honor?” Heia, however did not know of the additional title. She’d never heard of a Circle of Honor.

“It’s what comes when I declared immunity. It proves that I am here, related to a council member, and under immunity.” He answered.

“Evester Igilistal, when did you arrive in Valaria?” The council man continued.

“I’ve lost track of days. A month ago?” Evester shrugged. “I came home for a few reasons. You saw the video, right? It explains everything.” His complete lack of care for the importance of the meeting, was starting to get on the nerves of many within the room.

“Escorting Xs into Valaria?” The man continued.

“Allies. People who needed to be saved.” Evester did not move much as he broke free, Heia noticed. He was moving just so very little, that it looked like he was adjusting his posture, not as if he were breaking free. She needed to learn better.

“They were not permitted.” The man glared at Heia.

“And they are no longer here, but they had to be protected or else Heia here would not come with me.” Evester seemed to find humor in it resulting in a glare from Heia.

“And why did Heiphillia need to come with you?” Another council member asked.

“My mother went over this no? The Yasloughve Project specified details and people needed to stop the Uncertain End. Of them were Heiphillia and myself.” Evester answered seriously for the first time since he had started talking.

“And Zeydar Arcadius.” A Star spoke. A Superior, Heia guessed, based on the black hood.

“Yes. Us three.” Evester sat up a bit straighter. Was he done already?

“Where is he?” The Superior pressed.

“Figuring out how to stop the  destruction of Valaria.” Evester’s words caused a whisper to spread. Not only had he revealed that Evester knew where Zeydar was, but that they were, perhaps, behind his disappearance.

“How are we to believe you that—“ Evester cut off the question by reciting numbers without blinking. Dates, locations, death tolls. One after another. These were not dates that Heia knew.

“Those are all the Tower and City collapse dates, if we can not escaped fast enough.” Evester concluded to complete silence. No one wanted to breathe with the vast amounts of information that had poured out.

“Quick succession?” Estashia asked as if she did not know herself already.

“Right before The Uncertain End.” Evester answered her as if she had not gone over it with him a hundred times.

“Why did you  flee?” A council person asked. “If you are trying to help. This information could have save —“

“You are to tell me that you would have used it?” Heia cut her off this time. It was her turn to speak, for it was the question she had been prepped for. No one would care about her etiquette. She needed passion, Evester had told her, and so she gave them passion. “My entire life all I’ve ever known was to hate the project and to ignore it. It was outdated, and no one listened. Everyone wanted to pretend that they could save the world, but no one cared to learn how. You are telling me that the man who kept the project running for years and without you knowing, would allow for you to have the information easily?”

“She’s right.” Evester answered after a moment of silence. “I was given the  orders to run and to start the procedures in order to stop the Uncertain  End.” Evester was done breaking out. Heia could feel it in her bones.

“Which are?” The Star Superior asked.

“I can’t tell you. I can give you dates, preparation plans, and ways to stop the deaths, but I can not tell you how we survive. Not yet. There are too many variables and if humanity wants to live you have to trust me.” The words created a ruckus throughout the room. Evester looked to Heia as the words spread on not to trust him, to demand the information, to get truth magic and force him to speak. The people did not want to listen to him, for they were too afraid. Evester ignored them. “I just want simplicity.” Evester sighed. “And you saving everyone is simplicity.”

“But we are to trust three children to save the world?” A man spoke to Estashia

“We are adults.” Heia snapped back. “Perfectly capable and chosen by the project. We were chosen by the project.” Her words seemed to create a chill in the room. “You are telling me, that you, who have not been able to stop the Catastrophe, the Night of Oblivion, The Night of Destruction, the Uncertain End, can stop it without listening to the Project?”

“The project is outdated.” Someone disagreed.

“No. Our problems became easier to fix with magic.” Evester disagreed, standing up dropping the cuffs to the ground. “Are we ready to speak like adults?”

Heia stood up with him.

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