YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 38 (Chapter 84)

203 Days Until Understanding And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester sat against the wall looking at the white of the room as Heiphillia paced back and forth in the cell casting shadows over him with each time she moved. He liked watching as she moved, for it gave him some sort of entertainment as they waited. Her shadow grew and faded, cast light over him and then darkness. She was inconsistent in her pacing, keeping him on his toes as she moved around him.

“What is taking so long?’ Heiphillia complained again.

“Its procedure.” He wasn’t entirely sure, but it seemed like an answer he could give her.

“You demanded to see them.” She didn’t understand that immunity gave them their holding room. Without it they’d be in jail, actual jail, without a chance to talk to the Council at all.

“Typically that would take days. The fact that we will see them sometime today is enough.” Evester stretched knowing that they were probably interrogating his mother.

“We’ve been here for hours.” Heiphillia complained.

“And in those hours evacuation procedures have taken full root, as people were relocated.” Evester wondered just what sort of questions they’d asked his mother.

“Out of their fear!” 

Evester could not disagree. They city and Tower was not doing it out of their need to but because of the panic that had been spread demanding it. He could only imagine the damage control that the council had  to deal with. He decided to give her the truth. “They are probably questioning my mother.”

“On if she knew?” Heiphillia’s expression turned sour.

“She won’t lie.” She had no reason to. With their allies, she could do almost no wrong.

“That will mean that the Council and Mages will know she lied when they searched.” Heiphillia’s fear was intoxicating, leaving Evester’s heart racing.

“No.” Evester laughed. “She did not lie then. She said that Zeydar was not  there and that a was the truth. She had no clue where he was, and he was not in her home. She never lied about me.”

“She never told anyone. That’s a lie by omission.” She disagreed with him.

Evester shrugged. His mother would not be hurt because of this. Most would understand that she had  been protecting her family. Besides, with the video having been posted, everyone would know that Evester had only been there for a few weeks.  “She’ll be fine.”

“Then what is taking them?” Heiphillia asked again.

“Votes. On what to do. On my mother. On to see us. It is a democracy.” He wondered how she’d get them out of it without it seeming like she held all the strings in the world.

“Is it?” Heiphillia asked with a voice that told Evester that she doubted him.

“X society is… also one no?” He tried to change the conversation.

“The two societies are separate. My family is going to be hurt because of this. Do not forget that.” She threatened him. Now? After only a few hours of waiting?

“Yeah and I got tens of Xs into the city, my mother is going to get flak for that.” Evester reminded her. Heiphillia was at risk, that was true, but his family was as well. His mother’s manipulation could only get them so far.

“Your family is not at risk!” Heiphillia seemed like she wanted to cry, but she had not the luxury.

“It is.” Evester glared at her. “Don’t forget that all of this is because of my name. If my mom can not talk her way out of this, then we are in danger. Everyone is in danger.” And his family could lose everything. The delicate balance of control that they had could spark riots and worse. Their allies would not sit by as their family was removed from power.

Heiphillia stopped talking and huffed out frustrated. “I know. I just want to save everyone.”

“And we will.” They had to. What Evester was more worried about in the present was the fact that Zeydar was fully detoxing. How was he keeping up? Would he be able to find the anomaly in time? What if he didn’t? Did that mean that they were all in danger?

“Evester Igilistal. Hephillia.” The guard at the door spoke opening it. “The Council will see you now.”

“Are we going to be chained up?” Evester looked at the magical hand cuffs he held.

“You are a flight risk. The lady shall not.” The man answered pointedly.

Heiphillia seemed to resent the words lady, but said nothing. Evester stood and let himself be cuffed. It was easier than the alternative of forcing his way out, at this point. Walking next to the guard, Evester busied himself with getting to know the hand cuffs, and getting his kit to break out from under his shirt. All under the noses of those who were watching him like hawks, he prepared to escape. As if they forgot for a second just who he truly was.

“Don’t do anything funny.” The guard warned him.

“I’d never dare.” Evester shrugged and looked back to Heiphillia who seemed to have gathered herself.

They were led towards the council room, through empty halls that echoed as they walked and breathed.

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