YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 37 (Chapter 83)

204 Days Until Prisoners And the Uncertain End

Heia watched as Evester stood for a moment looking like himself for the first time in what felt like forever. Heia did not particularly like the idea of them going out on purpose. However it was necessary. Everyone else was hidden, leaving only Heia and Evester in the spot light. They’d disappeared to take care of Zeydar as well as to plan their way out of the Tower in two days. This left Heia and Evester to be alone in their reveal.

“Are you sure you want to do this with me?” Evester asked her as they walked towards the location Evester had decided he wanted to be captured at.

“No.” But she had to. She had to preserver. The project came first.

“Alright, well…” Evester looked up to the dark sky. Heia knew they had been finalizing this plan all day. Everyone had disappeared slowly over the course of the day. The video was scheduled to go live soon and Uly had said it would be broadcast everywhere. They had no head sets, nothing that could be tracked. They were on their own.

Some people gave Evester looks of confusion as if they knew who he was, but couldn’t place it. He wore no hoods, no disguise. He was dressed like any other Circle citizen. With each passing moment Heia wanted to scream at them to pay attention and to recognize him. No one seemed to. Or when they did, they walked away in fear or worry.

“They are going to get the military.” She warned him. The warning mattered not, for it was what they needed. However, she was still fearful for what would happen. She was an X, and in a CloudCity. She would not be handled with care.

“Or guards. Who cares.” Evester stopped walking at the top of the bridge and leaned against it. “We are going willingly.”

It was at that moment, that the video began to be broadcast over the intercom and the screens in the sky. Heia watched as others looked up. It was a trailer, not the full video. The full video of their break-in would go up later that night, after they were captured.

The door opened to reveal Evester’s face. Kim spoke to him as she had when they had first met her. Quick shots followed of them breaking in through a tunnel, and then getting up to the surface.

“Anything with your family has been cut for now.” Heia watched it knowing that the footage would be in the final. The images showed, Evester in disguise, as well as conversations that had been held.

“Valaria will collapse in less than forty eight hours.” Evester warned them from the sky. He continued to speak about it, but Heia could not care. She was too focused on how the bridge was emptying and how there was the sound of guards moving. The military had arrived.

“Heia.” Evester called to her. “Scared?”

“I’d be an idiot not to be.” She wanted to keep her cool, but all she could remember were how Xs had been killed for infiltrating a CloudCity. If she survived the next ten minutes, it would be faar longer than some of her brethren.

“Don’t worry. We will get out of this.” Evester turned to the empty bridge to watch with her.

“I’m not worried. I know that we have to get out of this somehow.” Heia knew that part of it was a lie, but she needed to convince herself of it. She had no idea what would happen when they were — the video was cut off and a live broadcast was shown after a dead sky. Heia looked up to see Evester and herself standing on the bridge.

“My hair looks horrible.” Evester looked up. “Why does no one tell me this?”

“Evester.” Heia glared at him.

Evester held up his hands and spoke to the sky. He called out to whatever could hear him. His voice echoed back from the speakers in the distance. “My name is Evester Igilistal. I claim immunity and demand to speak to the council of Valaria.”

Immunity. Heia could remember the general information on the principal. It was not granted to everyone, but Evester could claim it by name alone. His father’s status and his missing status could also issue the immunity, but it was his name that would force it.

“Hands up!” A guard yelled. Heia threw up her hands as she starred at the guards who held their Phasers. Military Mages stood with Holoblades ready to move.

“We will go with you.” Evester laughed hands up himself.

“On your knees.” They ordered.

“So typical.” Evester sighed. He then spoke with every part of him that Heia knew was his mother. “I’m missing, not a national threat. I claim immunity. We get immunity.”

Heia took to her knees knowing that she could not claim it even if he tried to claim it for her.

“You.” A Mage stepped forward recognizing her. “You were… Where is Zeydar?” 

It was as the Military Mage stepped into the light that Heia realized the mage was May. 

“Oh?” Evester asked. “He’s missing?” 

“Where is he?” May turned her Staff towards him, threatening him with magic.

“Immunity. Council.” Evester answered. “Now.”

“No.” May disagreed. “We have to take you to—“

“Immunity. Council. Now.” Evester’s voice echoed all over the screens, proving that Uly had once more taken over. EverDanger was in control not the city. “Or I disappear again and millions die. Now.”

“Get them into custody!” A guard yelled passing by May. Heia tried to identify the man, but she could not. She knew he had to have some sort of command, but Heia’s understanding of the structure for the government was limited.

“We can’t!” May complained.

“I have precedence in city matters and an Igilistal has claimed immunity. Get them to Council security.” The man declared. The guards surrounded  them, but did not handcuff them. Heia got to her feet, but she could feel her entire body shaking as she walked next to Evester and passed May. They passed the guard who had commanded the others. 

“Welcome home, my prince.” Heia was not sure she heard the words for they were little more than a whisper as Evester passed the guard, and Evester did not react. 

“Don’t.” Evester warned her with a hiss, and it was only then that she realized that she had reacted. The Igilistal family had many allies. Evester had told her this, had prefaced her, and told her it would all be good. It was how they had gotten Zeydar around the city. It was how they kept him a secret. It was how they got into Valria. Yet, she had not expected this… They were walked from the bridge into a car and then led, in an eight car escort, to the Council building in Valaria.

“The emergency council meeting has been called.” The guard driving informed them. Evester once more did not react as he starred out the window. The screens had returned to news and other information, along with reports speaking on what they had just witnessed.

“Where will we be kept?” He asked and Heia knew to keep her mouth shut.

“A holding facility.” A guard sitting in the passenger seat answered. Her voice was softer than Heia would have imagined.

“How long.” Evester sighed.

“Your mother will expedite it.” She answered once more.

“Were you informed?” Evester turned from the window.

“Yes.” She answered briskly.

“Europa?” He clarified further.


Evester gave a nod and stopped talking, signaling silence in the car.

“Did she betray us?” Heia whispered.

“No.” Evester answered. “It was a warning to our allies, to make sure that they that found us and got to us first were ones who could be trusted. Something like 50% of the police force will be allies.”

“Sixty.” The driving guard corrected. “As well as working council staff. You will not be mistreated, my prince.”

Evester did not respond to the title and went back to mute silence, leaving Heia reeling in the fear that Evester really could walk the talk he had been boasting about for months. Evester Igilistal was a prince, and they were going to get out capture perfectly fine.

They were going to save Valaria.

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