YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 35 (Chapter 81)

206 Days Until Saviors And the Uncertain End 

Heia stood watching as her siblings were packed away into the transports to be taken away. The orphans moved first, moving with all that they owned, into the transports to disappear. Layla and Andre helped the kids get settled, but they were not returning to Heia’s side. The orphan were as much of Heia’s family as anyone could be but Layla and Andre were her blood.

“The house is quiet.” Kim’s voice startled Heia as she came from behind.

“It is.” Heia controlled herself, as Layla packed the last of the orphans away with Andre. Layla turned back and gave a curt wave to Heia. When Andre turned back, Heia felt as if she were betraying him. Her older brother wanted nothing more than to protect her, but Heia needed Andre to protect Layla and their family.

“Are Layla and Andre staying with us?” Kim asked because Layla and Andre had not decided until that morning. They’d only told Heia and Heia was to tell all the others. As the current oldest, she was going to be in charge.

“They aren’t EverDanger recruits. They are going to stay with the orphans.” Layla had already made her position clear on the matter. She wanted their whole family to stick together, and had been furious that they were to separate. Kony wanted to stay near Zeydar to learn magic, and Kori was staying with Karla and Kony. Robee and Trace would never give up on joining EverDanger. Andre had convinced Layla to go with the orphans, to protect them. Heia had convinced Andre to go with Layla, because no one in their family should be alone. “Endwin is going with them.”

Endwin had to go because he was the connection to Evester’s family. He’d be the only lifeline they had. If Endwin discarded them… Heia had to trust him, and that was harder to do than she every expected it to be.

“Do you want to go with them?” Kim asked Heia, her hand against Heia’s arm for comfort.

Heia did not want to be separated from them. She had risked so much to  keep them alive and separating now, almost felt like she was abandoning them. In all truths, she was saving them from more danger but how could she be sure of that? “No.” Heia decided. “They’ll be safer without me.”

“They will.” Kim agreed, her hand slipping away.

“We move Zeydar soon?” Heia turned to Kim who starred out to the transport with little emotion.

“It’s going to be an event, that is for sure.” A spark of delight lit up in Kim. She, like Evester, found excitement in it. “Your family will be safe by then.”

The plan was to move Zeydar to the next safe house, and then to reveal Evester’s truth. It was not, in most regards, the smartest plan Heia had ever heard. It was, however, an EverDanger plan and EverDanger never failed at the most exciting of plans. Heia felt his stomach turning in circles from the idea of it.

“How is the editing going?” Heia changed the conversation.

“Of the footage?” Kim clarified. Heia nodded and Kim thought about it for a moment. “It will be ready soon enough.” Before the reveal, Heia knew that they had to have the footage edited by then or else the reveal would hold none of the same impact. “It has to be, but we do best with hard deadlines like that.” Kim shifted her weight and fully turned to Heia. Her voice was softer, welcoming, telling Heia to trust her. “The day of the escape you won’t be able to ask questions you know.”

“I know.” Heia looked at the beautiful woman before her, hair the color of autumn leaves, a smile that only goddesses should have.

“So ask them before we get there.” Kim told Heia to ask her all the questions in the world. Questions that Heia didn’t even have formed in her mind. Kim disarmed her fully and completely. Heia wished she could look so powerful, so confident, so alluring, wished she could be like Kim.

“I will.” Heia wasn’t worried about the escape. No, she was worried about saving the Tower. Evacuation still had not fully been put in place. No one in the Tower had been moved. The destruction was coming and if they couldn’t save anyone… Heia could care less about the escape so long as they saved the Tower and the people in it. “We need to save Valaria.”

“We will save Valaria.” Kim agreed, turning back to the transports that were starting to leave. Heia’s family that much further from her.

“No.” Heia faced her full on, standing her ground hoping that she looked as powerful and perfect as Kim had a few moments before. Kim glanced at her with a knowing smile that dropped away. Heia hoped that it was in awe as she had been with Kim moments before. “We will save Valaria and her Tower. We will succeed. We must.”

Kim was silent for a moment before she looked back to the transports. Focused, no longer excited. “We need Zeydar to find the issue to do that.”

“Then we make him find it.” They had to. Even if that meant pushing their plan for a full detox to earlier.

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