YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 34 (Chapter 80)

207 Days  Until Escape And the Uncertain End

Evester walked into the safe room to see Zeydar lying on the ground mumbling to himself something. He wasn’t shaking, which was a good sign, however he was seeing things and feeling things that weren’t there. As if he were in Dreams, but not. Evester had hoped that somehow the limited doses would make the full detox easier to deal with. Now, he was not sure.

“I figured it out.” Zeydar sat up startling Lynx and Evester. The two waited for him to continue as Uly and Crass switched over their reports for watching Zeydar. Evester and Uly’s shift was to begin soon. “Its a manipulation of the connection.” Zeydar said as if all of them should know exactly what he was talking about.

“For the contract?” Evester needed the confirmation. This was the most important issue outside of Zeydar’s addiction. If he were held captured by the Stars with magic, then there would be no way they’d be able to break that easily. It was the only reason Kim had suggested they only do a full detox, to let him have time to research the connection. The supposed connection that held him tied as a contract.

“I believe so.” Zeydar turned to him. “Or at least I think it’s that way.”

“Will you be able to manipulate it?” Evester asked him not wanting to get too close to Zeydar. His magic had lashed out earlier that day and almost hurt Lynx. They were watching him, but they had to take care of themselves.

“Right now? No.” Zeydar shook his head tapping his fingers against the floor, looking up to the sky.

“Soon?” Evester asked him taking the smallest step forward.

Zeydar turned to him. “One day.” He then spoke as if in a daze to someone who was not there. It was clear from the tone of his voice. “It wasn’t intended to be manipulated. There is much, much more to it.” 

Zeydar laid down once more, ignoring Evester and disappearing into his own thoughts. There seemed to be more to the magic than simply controlling it? Evester was not sure how magic worked to begin with, so he was not surprised.

“Everything okay?” Uly asked coming to the room with the reports Crass had given him.

“He spoke to us directly for the first time in hours.” Lynx answered collecting her bags and food. “Keep an eye on him.”

“We will.” Uly agreed. “Take care of the others with their training.”

“You can be certain that we will.” Crass answered as Lynx nodded. The two made their way to leave and Evester settled into his seat to watch Zeydar. 

“The next location will be a bit more difficult to get to.” Uly warned Evester.

“What sort of passages do you need?” Evester asked as he watched and listened to Zeydar speak jargon nonsense.

“We will need a car.” Uly explained.

“I can get us that with the connections.” There were enough ways to get around the city without being seen.

“We will have to pass through the city in broad daylight.” The words made Evester stop breathing. “Its the only way to ensure that we are not caught.”

“To do it when we are the most likely to be caught.” Evester wasn’t sure he had heard it properly and his stomach was twisting in anticipation.

“Exactly. The Stars are searching all back roads and all houses. We have to be a little daring.” Uly knew Evester and what made him tick. Evester knew that Uly knew that Evester wanted nothing less than to do something so risky. Evester craved it.

“EverDanger does not mean do stupid shit.” Evester warned him, using words he was almost certain that Uly had said before.

“No? Last I checked that was exactly what we do.” Uly whispered to him. “We saved your ass from the Tower. I think that was pretty stupid too.”

Evester rolled his eyes as Uly laughed. If this was the best course of action based on Uly’s predictions then it was the best decision that they needed to take. Evester settled into his chair as Uly went on to tell him the plan of what they intended to do.

With each passing moment, Evester’s blood boiled in anticipation. The plan formulated in his mind and Evester knew, knew he needed it. He needed the adrenaline from doing it, for the adrenaline of just thinking about it, wasn’t enough.

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