YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 29 (Chapter 75)

213 Days Until Hope And the Uncertain End

Zeydar laid on his side tracing his fingers over the floor in patterns that Heia could not identify. He was mumbling to himself with a blanket over his body, but otherwise was stable. They were limiting him but not cutting him off completely like he had asked, and yet the progress they’d made seemed like he was stuck in a dream rather than becoming sober.

“The amount of drugs in his system is…” Rayda stepped next to Heia at the doorway as she looked in to Zeydar who was locked in the room behind the glass door. “How he was able to function as a human being, I’ll never know.”

“How much did we cut him down by already?” Heia watched Zeydar move under the blankets, to face the ceiling, starring into the lights without blinking.

“Day one we cut him by half, today half of that.” She answered before showing Heia a schedule and numbers. “Before we started he was so gracious to provide to us the numbers.”

Heia had no idea what she was looking at, not fully. She understood the numbers were a lot based on Rayda’s statement, but she did not know how to read it.

“He says that after three days of not taking anything is where things get dangerous. The plan is to cut it down, but he warned us it could be dangerous regardless.” Rayda leaned against the wall next to the door. “The fact that he is doing this willingly…”

“Should he not?” They had been the ones to demand him of it, to convince everyone that it was right. Heia had listened to them, instead of asking him. Were they having doubts now?

“He’s done it before but got tripped back into it. Based on his schedule, this method will not work for months.” Rayda answered.

“Months?” They did not have that time based on the schedule Evester had for the fall of Valaria.

“Waning him off of it will take months. He said he did it over years before, but now that he has more autonomy he can do it faster.” Rayda read over her notes.

“But…” There was no time.

“We don’t have months.” Rayda agreed.

“You plan to cut him off completely?” That had not been what they’d agreed on. Could they do that to Zeydar without his approval? Was that not wrong.

“It’s the most effective way. Deal with the detox symptoms and keep him off of it in one go.” Rayda marked a note on her list for when they planned to do it.

Heia could not disagree with her logic, but for some reason she felt that they needed to follow his schedule. Her gut told her they needed to listen. “What he said about Arcadia…”

“Onyx looked into it. Seems like there is a possibility of it. No one knows how that Tower was destroyed. The Aralax were blamed but it was not on the list.” It was not on the master list of events of the Project. It wasn’t calculated. It was…

“He was the only survivor.” Heai reminded her.

“Was it his magic that destroyed the Tower or was it his magic that saved him?” Rayda glanced back at him. “We tested him while he was still lucid and his class did come back as a class zero, what ever that means.”

“Zero? It was programed in?” Heia was under the assumption that it was a made up class.

“It came back as impossible to measure. Even those without magic could be measured, but his exceeded the ability. If the drug was made to suppress him…” Rayda let her sentence drop off. “We need to keep an eye on him.”

Heia was sure that they would. They were moving him to the next safe house that night. As he detoxed, then plan for evacuation would progress in full swing. If they couldn’t figure out how to save Valaria in less than a week… Heia did not even want to think of all the people who could be possibly killed in such an event.

They would successfully make sure that the Tower and CloudCity were saved. Heia would ensure it.

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