YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 28 (Chapter 74)

215 Days Until Capture And the Uncertain End

The plan was to keep Zeydar over night, following him as he returned to Star Campus, only to kidnap him and bring him back. They could not keep him at Evester’s home without him being seen leaving, as they needed the alibi for his disappearance. They also would never be able to get into Star Campus. That did not leave very much room for mistake, but it was the only option they had. They needed Zeydar to detox, and they couldn’t let him know of the plan.

The moment that Zeydar left the house to take his walk back to Star Campus, EverDanger was on the prowl speaking to each other over headset and relaying information as they stalked him.

“He is going to destroy us.” Heiphillia warned them over headset. Evester knew that Heiphillia agreed with their plan. He also knew she feared the magic. Magic was unstable and unpredictable. When she felt him looking at her, she turned to give her own glare back. They were a team together, while the others moved in pairs, and Evester didn’t like it either.

“Get his Staff away from him and he can’t use magic.” Evester disagreed. A Star without their Staff couldn’t use magic. All high classed Circles knew that. He’d thought he’d told her the fact enough times.

When the sounds of a scuffle started, Uly began issuing orders for Crass and Phil to remove Zeydar’s Staffs. Multiple, Evester had to remember, for high classed Stars were rumored to have more than one on them.

“What is this Evester?” Zeydar snapped knowing that Evester could hear him over the headset. There was more sound of fighting before Zeydar spoke directly into Phil’s Headset. “Tell me right now, or I will hurt him.”

Evester debated on telling him the truth or not in that moment and was cut off by Heiphillia. Her voice came off less as apprehensive, but more as a plead. “We are trying to detox you.”

Evester shot her a glare when a deep sigh sounded on the other end of the line. “I can’t detox.”

“Zeydar…” Heiphillia sounded as sympathetic as anyone could expect, but Zeydar started laughing.

“The Superiors give me these drugs. They watch me. If I suddenly disappear they are going to assume it’s because I am detoxing again and trust me when I say that you don’t want to see what happens with that.” Zeydar seemed puzzled for a moment. “But…”

“But?” Evester knew the plan was already foiled. He heard more movement on the other side and then Zeydar saying something to Crass.

“Take this too.” Zeydar spoke to him. There was the continued sound of metal clanging and more rustling.

“You are going willingly?” Crass asked over the headset.

“I have not found the way to manipulate the Superior contract, but if the Tower is going to be destroyed, my full magic may be the only thing that can stop it.” Zeydar answered and then spoke in the most ominous way that Evester had ever heard. “We need to start by waning me off of it. A full cut off will only end in destruction. It’s what happened in Arcadia.”

“Arcadia?” Heiphillia asked before she looked to Evester. Evester thought of what had happened in Arcadia. Zeydar had been the only survivor. It hadn’t been in the Project projections. Was Zeydar involved…

“Yes, Heia.” Zeydar spoke into the headset again, Phil protesting on the otherside. “I am the reason that Arcadia was destroyed. The Superiors had me high for years on a drug they created for the sole purpose of controlling my powers. I’m not a Class 1. I’m a Class 0 Star.” 

Evester did not know what that meant. To say he understood Star culture was already pushing it, but the way that Zeydar said the class held a weight to it. Unfortunately, Zeydar had not told them of this special class and Evester was not sure he fully believed that the Stars had created Sweet Dreams for him. However, he knew the history of the drug was that it was made for magic purposes for the Stars and there was at least truth there.

Uly hesitated to give the order for them to take Zeydar and to retreat, but once it was given, new details were being given over the connection and Zeydar was reported to be cooperating. 

“You will need to hide me and constantly move me.” Zeydar warned them. “Or else they will find me.”

“How long will it take for them to know you are missing?” Heiphillia looked to Evester as she asked the question. She was blaming him for the fiasco, as if saying it all could have been solved if they just talked it out. Evester doubted it would have been.

“By curfew. May will be searching for me by then.” Zeydar answered. They only had a few hours until then. “Good luck.” Zeydar seemed to find this comical, despite the general horror that was creeping into Evester’s veins. Zeydar knew far more than than them, and if he was being honest, Arcadia had been destroyed because of him…

Evester knew then that EverDanger needed to do more research into one of the greatest tragedies in human history before they progressed any further. 

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