YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 25 (Chapter 71)

218 Days Until Wisdom And the Uncertain End

Evester glanced at Zeydar one more time before he slid from the room ready to go and figure out something to eat, or to get someone to buy food. In their talks, Evester had not brought up having Zeydar train Kony, not once. He knew that there was dismay regarding it, but even Evester knew that with the time they had, whatever training they could get would not be enough. They needed Zeydar to go with them. That was where most of the work would be done. For a moment Evester listed off the names of those who he would be willing to take with him as they went to complete this mission, outside of Heia and Zeydar, then he remembered it was not his priority. Zeydar’s mental state was his priority.

Zeydar who seemed focused on ensuring that he did not leave the comfort of the city and was more often high than sober. Evester had been around enough people in his life, enough drugged people in his life, to be able to tell when someone was high. Zeydar always was, as if he lived in it. They were going to have to get him to detox, if they wanted him to go with them outside of the Tower. Sweet Dreams was not something readily available out there.

“Any news?” Europa cut him off, stepping out from another hall to intercept him as he went to get food.


“On anything. Mother wants to know.”

“Zeydar has made no progress in being able to break himself from the Superior’s control.” Or rather to take control over it, as he said that he needed to. “He’s reading the files right now.”

“Mother has sent out her contacts and sources to see what could cause the Tower’s destruction.” Europa ate a carrot and starred her brother down. “We have found nothing.”

“Of course not. These things are not… If you could easily find it, do you think that the Tower would be scheduled to be destroyed?” It was something outside the Aralax. This was something internal. It was something political. It was something he did not want to be involved with.

“The goal is to stop the destruction, to prove that by following the project that we can stop it from happening.”

“And we won’t be able to do it until the day of.” He warned her.

“What if it can be done before?” Uly approached from the hall, behind Evester’s sister. “He’s high is he not? What if we had another Superior check for the issue? For wherever these terrorists have planned to destroy the Tower?”

“You don’t think he can do it unless he is sober?” Evester didn’t trust anyone outside of the team. He didn’t want his mother asking around, let alone asking other Superiors. Especially when they needed to take Zeydar out of the city.

“Somehow I doubt he can.” Uly answered. “He said he couldn’t teach Kony, but I feel its more because of his state of mind over anything else. If he’s addicted…” Zeydar had given a million reasons why he couldn’t teach Kony, nor why others wouldn’t. They had all seemed like excuses to Heia, but Evster had appreciated them. Less people to bring on their journey.

“You want to force him to detox?” Evester liked the idea less than waiting for the destruction to come. “We don’t even know how he will react to it.”

“Badly.” Zeydar’s voice came from down the hall, sending a shudder down Evester’s spine. Turning he saw as Zeydar approached with the documents in his hand. “Based on this… This death toll is not…” He seemed hesitant to continue before shaking his head, lucidity disappearing. “I can try to see what I can do, but trust me when I say that this state is the best you are going to get me in. I need this.”

Something about the way that he said the words held a tinge of sorrow, anger, and fear within them. He feared his own magic? What were the Stars doing? Was this why Zeydar said that Kony was better off not knowing? Was it even human to have this sort of magic?

“But I can attempt to see what I can find. Not today.” Zeydar made his way to Evester’s side. “As for emergency protocols, they need to be started now just in case. Based on this the Project says that the destruction will occur late at night.”

“But it can be stopped if we figure out what is causing it.” Evester agreed.

“Which is why I will try, but if it’s as you say I might not be able to notice until it is activated.”

“Wasn’t the destruction of Arcadia similar? Could you sense them, then?” Evester knew that the Aralax were said to have destroyed Arcadia, but there had also been an X uprising. There were mixed reports on what caused the true destruction, and with each passing day Evester felt that whatever destroyed Arcadia was possibly responsible for what could happen to Valaria. If it wasn’t the Aralax, had it been the X’s? Or perhaps… the Stars?

“Arcadia? Arcadia was…” Zeydar’s words trailed off as if caught in a memory of pure terror and horror. His eyes drifted to the papers again and the fear seemed to grow intensity. His sentence stopped there as he left them, returning to where he had come without another word.

“He’s not okay.” Europa whispered when he was far enough away.

“It’s the drugs.” Uly answered. “He’s addicted and we need to get him off of it. Sweet Dreams makes one relive their memories. Wasn’t he the only survivor of Arcadia?”

Had he just relived those memories in that moment? Had Evester accidentally triggered the memory without meaning to? He had half the mind to apologize, but worried if that would make it worse. In some way, Evester felt as if it was better to get him off of the Sweet Dreams. They could not have someone who could slip into dreams at any moment, on their team.

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