The End And Other Beginnings (Stories From the Future) Review

The End And Other Beginnings (Stories From the Future) Review

This was an undertaking, not one I’d thought I’d have, really, when I first started reading this. I thought it would be easier. I truly did. It was not. Unless I can get another book read in a few hours, this is the only review you get today.

Edit: I did not get another done

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YP – B2:UtGoaFN – Chapter 32 (Chapter 78)

210 Days Until Emergency And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Evester sat in the living room listening as the house was scanned once more. The moment that the last Star left, Estashia had those loyal to her, breaking their charms of magic and finding all bugs that they had placed in the house. In some ways, erasing the Star’s control took longer than it had for them to place it there to begin with. 

Heiphillia was thoroughly spooked, Evester could tell from the way that she sat arms crossed and a ferocity to her. As Kim handed her a glass of water, she dropped it, shattering it to pieces because she could not keep her hands from shaking. Quickly she crossed her arm’s again and her expression grew more dim. Evester could not tell if Heiphillia were more angry with the situation or herself. Europa sat next to her.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 31 (Chapter 77)

210 Days Until Emergency And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia sat shaking in fear, body tense and eyes watering from blinking sleep from them too often. Everyone she cared about had been separated from her in the early hours of dawn. Her siblings were disappeared, the orphans taken, and she sat alone with Shawn in the waiting room as the house pretended to wake up upon the arrival of the Stars. They’d been awake for hours at this point, not that the Stars were to know that. The others were being rounded into the room, dressed in their night gowns all besides Evester who was thoroughly disguised. Once they had been gathered the searching began.

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Update 01/22/2020

Sometimes, when I write these, I feel like I’m speaking into the void with no real expectation to hear back anything from anyone. And you all, in the void — should you actually exist, I’m not sure sometimes — simply nod your heads and sit there watching.

And I wonder, are they humans or are they bots?

Either way, lets get on in to what this update is about. WARNING THIS IS LONG.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 30 (Chapter 76)

210 Days Until Emergency And the Uncertain End

It was early in the morning, far before the sun had risen and the world was still in dreamless slumber, that Evester’s mother awoke Evester from his nest of friends. Her eyes were dark, blood shot, cool, and warning him that something had gone dangerously wrong. Evester peeled himself from Kim’s grasp and away from Phil’s body, to follow his mother out the door, knowing that his friends had not remained asleep with her barging in.

“What?” He asked the moment that they were out the door and far enough down the hall that her screams would not wake the others, should they have remained asleep.

“Where is he?” Her fury seemed to seep through her skin like a volcano ready to explode.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 29 (Chapter 75)

213 Days Until Hope And the Uncertain End

Zeydar laid on his side tracing his fingers over the floor in patterns that Heia could not identify. He was mumbling to himself with a blanket over his body, but otherwise was stable. They were limiting him but not cutting him off completely like he had asked, and yet the progress they’d made seemed like he was stuck in a dream rather than becoming sober.

“The amount of drugs in his system is…” Rayda stepped next to Heia at the doorway as she looked in to Zeydar who was locked in the room behind the glass door. “How he was able to function as a human being, I’ll never know.”

“How much did we cut him down by already?” Heia watched Zeydar move under the blankets, to face the ceiling, starring into the lights without blinking.

“Day one we cut him by half, today half of that.” She answered before showing Heia a schedule and numbers. “Before we started he was so gracious to provide to us the numbers.”

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