YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 24 (Chapter 70)

219 Days Until Balance And the Uncertain End

When Zeydar crossed the threshold of Evester’s home, he seemed to exude an aura of dominance over the domain despite having been there for the first time. Heia was not sure if this was how all Stars acted or if it were simply because he was a Superior. Either way, she thought it rude, but no one else seemed to mind. 

“Welcome. Welcome.” Evester led them from the door deeper into the house. “Feel free to make yourself at home.”

Biting her tongue, Heia said nothing as she watched Zeydar rolled his eyes, and refrain from taking off his shoes. They walked towards her and towards the wave of eyes that peaked out of hallways and bedrooms. Heia knew they were straining to get a better look at the one called Zeydar. Once they were to her, she joined them in their walk towards the inner house.

“So you are the mysterious Star who Pops listed.” Phil cut before Zeydar as they entered the living room. The rest of EverDanger sat watching, curious and cautious all at once, as Heia’s siblings sat with less fear. Heia, knew it was ignorance over fearlessness that caused it.

“Phil, we haven’t even got into the room all the way.” Heia pushed past him needing to get to her brother: Kony. Kony could have been a Star and the only one to be able to tell would be Zeydar. Shawn’s eyes were caught on the figure behind her, an odd sort of tenseness to his body. 

“Pleasure.” Zeydar greeted Kori from behind her, but based on the sound of the footsteps she knew he did not stop. He walked to the focal point of the room. Europa, Endwin, and Estashia were there as well, looking as regal and rich as possible, Heia imagined. Or was this their usual dress? She was not sure. She was sure that Zeydar knew who to address first, upon approaching the matriarch.

“Issue with stars?” She asked Shawn once Zeydar had passed.

“How many would problems could be solved if they just cared?” Shawn answered. Heia wondered if their magic was even strong enough for that. EverDanger’s skill was real, it was tangible, but magic? The closest she had gotten to magic was the day before at Star campus and even that didn’t feel like magic. 

Heia could hear Evester giving a list of names out. She turned to him ready to introduce her family.

“I know.” Zeydar laughed. “Everyone knows the Igilistal family and EverDanger. However…”

Heia turned placing her hand on her brother’s shoulder, pulling Kori closer. “This is my family. Layla, Andre, Robee, Trace, Karla, Kori, and… Kony.”

Heia watched as Zeydar eyed each person before his eyes landed on Kony for all too long and then moved to Shawn, “And?”

“Shawn.” Evester added. “Heia’s best friend from home.”

“Nice to meet you.” Shawn’s anger was veiled thinly in a light mood.

“You.” Zeydar’s eyes snapped back to Kony, stepping close in a matter of seconds, and offering his hand out in the form of a demand. “Give me your hand.”

Heia lost her grip over her brother in that moment as he gave his hand to Zeydar, and as Kori and Karla jumped up to his side.

“Does he have magic?” Kori asked the moment that Kony’s hand touched Zeydar’s. “Is he a Star? Can he use magic?”

“Is he going to be okay without training? Will the magic hurt him? Will he be able to use magic despite never living in a CloudCity until now?” Karla pressed on.

Zeydar made no indication in regards to Kony before dropping his hand and looking to Evester. “This is critical madness.” Then to Estashia. “How could you allow the project’s initial purpose to be perverted in such a way like this?”

“Balance is necessary.” Estashia answered. “It was what we were told, as to why the rankings only change in rare occurrences.”

“Rare.” Zeydar placed his hands on his hips and breathed heavily. “By random chance?”

“It is what we are told.” She answered confirming that the separation between X’s, Circle’s, and Star’s was manufactured away from the project’s original goal. “Is he that powerful?”

“Is he that powerful?” Zeydar scoffed. “It doesn’t matter now. He’s too old.”

“To train?” Kony asked stepping closer. “I’m too old to train?”

“Too old to make a difference.” Zeydar answered with a soft look in his eyes as he eyed Kony. “One is never too old to train, but my training of you will not change the system at hand. Not that it matters the Superiors are all corrupt, you would never want to be a part of it.”

The disconnect for Heia seemed to last far longer than the only one other person in the room. But when Evester said, “He’s Superior rank?” that it clicked for everyone. Or at least those who knew.

“No. Superior is not a rank. It is a title. He’s a Class 1. For Stars we are ranked from Class 5 to Class 1. Class 4 and 5s have limited magic and are what the project would call Circles. You have limited magic. Stars, or rather true stars, are Magicians with the modern classifications of Class 3, Class 2, and Class 1. Class 1s are rare. Class 1s are the ones who rule the Stars and when they graduate academy they are gifted the rank and title of Superior. All Class 1s become Superior, and Kony is a Class 1, or at least his magic lends itself to that way. We’d have to get him officially tested since I can’t…” He seemed to want to say more but did not, instead he looked to his hands and then sighed out rubbing them together. “He’s a Star for sure. Class 1 if I’m… right… and too old to learn all that the Academy has to offer. Not because he can’t learn it, but because they will refuse to take him, since they, the Superiors, will not be able to control him.”

“But you can teach him?” Kori asked. Zeydar gave her a look of complete amusement. 

“It’s a lot of study. Study that needs to be done at an academy and with professors. The time he’d need to complete his training… the deadline does not provide that.”

“I’ve never been a good study, more hands on,” Kony laughed. “Who needs books when it’s magic? Shouldn’t I be able to feel it?”

The question seemed to break Zeydar in a way, Heia saw, leaving him with a plastered fake smile and returning his attention to Evester. Whatever conversation could have been had about Kony, it was over, and business of trying to save the world was back in order.

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