YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 20 (Chapter 66)

220 Days Until Promotion And the Uncertain End (part 2)

In the end it had been Karly, Hester, and Graceon who had come with Endwin, Kim, Heia, and Evester. Endwin and his friends chatted up a storm in the waiting room to enter Star Campus, speaking on trends that Evester knew he should have been able to follow, but could not. They were all dressed in their best, while Evester had opted for an outfit that would help him blend in better. He knew he was sticking out far more than he had intended, and it was getting worse by the passing minutes.

“Nervous Aether?” Hester asked him.

“Does it typically take Stars this long to meet up?” Heia answered, letting her irritation show. Evester was not sure if she was covering for him or not, but if she were, he appreciated it. He didn’t want more people questioning why he was shifting his weight under the eyes of all the military mages who were moving about allowing passage to Star campus. He didn’t want more people scrutinizing him, and wondering what he was hiding, or even realizing that he was.

“They will come when they do.” Graceon tossed out his hand in a nondescript way as if to say that it didn’t matter. “No need to be so anxious.”

“He’ll remember you, don’t worry.” Kim placed her arm around Evester, shielding him from a quarter of the room. Heia shifted the way she sat to protect him from the other side, which left only the Mages at the front, who could see him.

“It’s not him remembering me that bothers me.” Evester knew that she knew, but he needed to give Graceon something. Evester went with the lie Zeydar had given him, or the lie he had thought was a lie. Had it been an actual warning and not an invitation like Evester had thought? “He already did. He told me to stay away.”

It was as Evester spoke that the bell of opening doors, rang. It was as the bell sounded that the Military Mages gave short bows to the two who entered, a girl with a short bob hair cut and sharp eyes, dressed in a Military Mage uniform and Zeydar, dressed in the Star uniform that was unique. Specifically the jacket that stood out against all the other Star uniforms Evester knew of. It was the deepest of blacks, the type that Evester feared he could not truly see, for it seemed to absorb the light around him while producing an aura of intimidation. It was a magic jacket, and no one else was wearing anything similar.

“Greetings Superior.” Evester heard a Magician speak to Zeydar. “What brings you here?”

“May!” Karly laughed. “Hello!”

“We are here for them.” The Military Mage girl, answered. May, Evester placed her name in memory. Karly ran up to her and gave her a hug, much to May’s dismay and the dismay of the other Mages in the room. Zeydar’s eyes went immediately from Karly to Evester. Their gaze locked, and was not dropped as Evester peeled himself from his seat and approached Karly with the others. Zeydar did not examine him, but warned him with his eyes, that the game was about to get far more dangerous. With it, Evester’s nerves dissipated, he knew what to do with the nerves and adrenaline. It was what he lived for. A smile came to him, light, airy, happy.

“Zeydar. This is Karly. Karly Aimes.” May introduced Karly and then the others. “Graceon and Hester Phyn.”

Evester saw in Zeydar’s eyes the recognition of at least the Phyn name. He looked to the Phyn siblings, breaking eye contact with Evester first. Evester knew then that Zeydar was not too up on technology it seemed — as he did not know the Aimes name– but at least he knew the Valarian council members.

Zeydar did not smile at them. He held a profound look of power, knowing that he was in control of the meeting. “Greetings. I am Superior Zeydar.”

Superior? The name struck Evester. He may not have known much on the elusive Star culture, but he knew of Superiors. Superiors were the leaders of the Stars. Zeydar was a Superior? That wasn’t in the documents. Was it a recent development? Had something changed? When had it happened?

“He finished his exams the other day and was officially initiated today.” May explained to Karly, answering all the unasked questions that Evester had. “It’s the reason campus is closed. Star campus is hard locked for Superior graduation exams. I’m happy you can celebrate it with us.”

“Congratulations.” Karly smiled. The others echoed the words. Heia moved behind Evester unsure of how to take the news, Evester figured for he was unsure as well. Did this complicate their plans?

“No need for that. It was only expected.” Zeydar seemed irritated that May even brought it up. It was a sore spot, Evester understood.

“To become a Superior so young?” Kim stepped forward. “Is that normal?”

“Actually.” Zeydar eyed her, placed who she was and laughed even though many of the looks in the room turned a bit darker. “I’m a late bloomer. Most Class 1s become Superiors in their early twenties, and at twenty-five, I am in the older range.” 

Class 1? Evester had so many questions and not enough secrecy to ask them, or time to learn the answers.

“Most Class 1s become Superiors in their early twenties so that they can get experience before getting their charges.” May explained. “Most Superiors become guides for other Class 1 children in their thirties or forties, so they need time to learn and grow to Superior culture before then.” May then seemed at a loss. “Although, your Supervisor was in his twenties wasn’t he?” 

“Yes, he was young for me to be his charge.” Zeydar answered. Evester was quickly trying to memorize all the terminology, and details of a culture he knew so little about. Words were being thrown out quickly and Zeydar clearly did not want to speak about it more. “Twenty-Seven was his age, when he first took me as a charge at three.” Zeydar then addressed Kim. “Kim Kicks, right?”

“Yes.” Kim offered her hand and when he shook her’s the conversation was changed for good as long as they were in the office. “Kimberly Knicks, Kim Kicks. I go by Kim. From EverDanger, as I would assume you knew.”

“Yes.” Karly only then seemed to realized she hadn’t introduced them all. “Our guests. Kim Kicks. Heia Lo–Lost–Lostra…” Karly struggled with Heia’s fake last name. Evester could not blame her for the last name was odd and had been made up on the spot at the party. Karly then introduced Evester and Endwin. “Aether Myle and Endwin Igilistal.”

The name Igilistal seemed to create a void within the room. What little noise there was, stopped. More eyes on them and more thoughts being directed towards them. If Evester was nervous before, his blood pressure was skyrocketing. With it came the rush that made his smile grow, as he bit it back. This was true danger. All eyes were on him and at any moment he could be forced to flee. The adrenaline rush was what he had been waiting for in all of this, and it hit then.

“Aether Myle?” Zeydar tested the name before laughing. “Let’s go. Too many eyes and we are celebrating my birthday.” Zeydar turned back to the door raising his hand to let them pass and led them out. There was no protest just a chorus of goodbyes to their Superior and then they were on Star Campus, or at least past the gate. “I welcome you all to Valaria’s Star Campus. I apologize for the wait you had to get on.”

“It is quite alright.” Endwin answered. “We are just appreciative that you agreed to let us see your stunning campus.”

“Of course.” Zeydar led them a bit more towards the open roof car that was waiting for them. He was making small talk easily, and brought up something that even Endwin would understand. “It is a difficult thing about your father and brother.”

“Thank you for your condolences.” Evester caught Endwin’s eye. Endwin knew that Zeydar was not threatening them. It was a sign to see if Endwin would react to Zeydar knowing who Evester was. It was a test to see if Evester had told Endwin that Zeydar knew, which he had.

Zeydar opened the door to the car. “We will use this for our tour.  Feel free to get comfortable.”

Everyone began to pack in, even Heia who was clearly uncomfortable by it all. Before Evester could get in, himself, Zeydar took Evester’s arm. There was a bit of anger in his expression that was clearly faked, or at least Evester knew it was faked. Kim, Heia, and Endwin would know it was faked. May, unfortunately seemed concerned and got her own dark glare to Evester. She did not know why Zeydar was pissed, but she knew there was more to their relationship then Zeydar had told her. It was then that Evester understood that Zeydar did not trust his so called friend, as much as Evester did his. Thus, Evester was not to trust her.

“Why are you here?” Zeydar hissed under his breath, trying to sound irritated. The eyes of those watching were on them, were filled with curiosity and mild frustration of their own.

“You told me to stay away. Naturally I would not.” Evester answered pulling his arm away. “We need to talk.”

Zeydar eyed Evester slowly, painfully slow before his eyes darted to May and back to Evester. Another warning. “We shall.”

They were the last two to get into the car, and Zeydar signaled it to move. There was a single question hanging in the air, given life by Heia’s voice, who already knew the answer. “Lover’s spat?”

“You don’t know the half of it.” Evester thanked her for the comment, as it seemed to lessen the tension in the car between those who were asking far too many questions in their head. It was a question that gave them answers, all lies, but answers all the same. Zeydar began to explain things of the campus to the others, pointing out the sights and ignoring Evester completely. Evester slipped into the shadows of the car, happy to disappear in the little down time he had.

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