YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 11 (Chapter 57)

227 Days Until Wishes And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia walked into Esthaisia’s office finding Europa, and Evester already sitting. She felt her heart leap from her chest having only expected Evester to be there. In a way she wanted to glare at Endwin who had said that Evester had asked for her. In other ways she knew that she may not have wanted to go had Endwin said the whole truth.

“Endwin shut the door.” Estastia directed Heia to take a seat next to Evester who was sitting in Circle clothes all black, but formal. He wore no face disguise, dressed as himself and clearly uncomfortable. Heia took the seat, trying to keep whatever she had left of her nerves, from spilling out in words before rational thought.

“You finished reading then?” Evester began the conversation as Endwin went to where he was to stand. “Endwin and Europa?”

“They will read what I give them.” His mother placed a sheet of paper before her, carefully stacking the papers and keeping her eyes level. “As I figure, you will answer what you will to me.”

“Anything that doesn’t hinder my path to stop the Uncertain End.” Evester agreed.

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Year End Update

I know, I know, we have a little less than two months yet for the end of the year. I am not sure, if you are aware just how little time that is for the end of the year.

It’s not a lot of time.

I figure I will take this chance to tell you about upcoming Wednesday content for the end of the year.

Dragon books have been mostly bought. Mostly, not all, but mostly. So December is basically good to go. (Although I do have to say a lot of these books were much smaller than I thought they would be. This is great for me, because it means that I will be reading most quick for most of them. (Priory has an actual chance of being completed? WOW)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookmarks

You know what today is? Tuesday! You know what that means? Top Ten Tuesday! (Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.) 

November 12: Favorite Bookmarks 

As in book marks I use or the ones I think are the prettiest of what I have. Because I have pretty book marks that I don’t use.

I’m going to go with my favorite book marks that I use.

This list is going to be my favorite book marks to use. Rated by how often I reach for them. As a note. I only really reach for bookmarks on rare occasions, because most of the time I finish a book I one go.







Actually, any of the Book Depository book marks I reach for a lot. I have a copious amount of them.



I’m actually left this bookmark somewhere and I do not know where. As such I can not find it, but I’m going to describe it.

It’s a black book mark with a weight on the end of the tassels. It has a quote on it that I can not think of right now.


A sticky note folded in half when I need a book mark but don’t have my black bookmark (or any of them) near me. Mostly done when I’m reading at work.


Leaving the book open on a surface, facedown. So that the pages are spread apart on the counter surface as I quickly do what ever needs my attention.

I don’t know what else to say so…

Until Next Time,


YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 10 (Chapter 56)

227 Days Until Wishes And the Uncertain End (Part 1)

Evester sat at his desk looking at his computer that he had not turned on in months. His phone remained blank. His brother had yet to get back to him, and the plot to get out of Valaria quickly was fading daily. If they staid for too long…

“Staring at it won’t turn it on.” Endwin’s voice came from the doorway to his room, open because Evester was not used to closed doors. Not anymore. Not unless he was sleeping. When he was awake, he had to be prepared for the worst.

“I wasn’t planning to turn it on.” Evester turned from the computer, to face his brother.

“Then why sit there? Or were you were hoping to get information by getting into my phone?”

“Why did you come Endwin?” Evester cut to the chase, knowing full well that his brother did not know the full extent of what Evester could do. Electronics were not his strong suit and he would not crack into Endwin’s personal accounts.

“Graceon said Hester got in contact with May.” Endwin leaned against the door. This was their confirmation for their in. “We will get a time soon.”

“Have you met May?” It was now time to learn everything he could about everyone they’d be interacting with. Self preservation for he and Heiphillia came first.

“She’s a Military Magician, I haven’t wanted to.”

“But we will be getting access.”

“Five day’s from now.”

“What? Why so long?” Five day’s was pushing the timeline. They still had to convince Zeydar. They had to escape. If they waited too long, they’d be here for…

“Star campus is closing.” Endwin stood up straight.

Closing? Evester had never heard of Star Campus closing. The way that Endwin said it told Evester that Endwin didn’t mean limiting more than it already was. “Why?”

“Final exams.” 

Final exams never closed Star Campus. It must have been a new implementation after Arcadia. It would put us off on our time, by a wide margin. Evester wasn’t sure that there was a way to bypass the rules. He wasn’t sure that there was a way to get away quickly enough to make the warning outside of their control. They could not be in Valaria twenty days from then.

“You knew him? You didn’t tell me that.” Endwin walked into the room, confronting Evester this time.

“Graceon told you?” Evester pushed away from his desk a bit more.

“He knew you Evester, not this persona.” Endwin wove his hand up and down directed at Evester.

“I didn’t realize I knew him until too late.”

“You aren’t afraid that he’ll rat you out?”

Honestly, Evester had thought about it. He figured that since the cops had not showed up within the last day that Zeydar had told no one. Still, he left his door open and bag packed ready to flee with only Heiphillia. “No.”


“I’m a super celebrity, you wouldn’t even understand.” Evester joked back. Endwin had rolled his eyes at his friends reaction to Evester’s name. Evester figured his brother was over the celebrity status that Evester held, irritated with it more like. “Once May gets us that pass tell me.”

“You have faith that it’ll happen fast?”

Evester had faith that Zeydar would put a word in for her and her friends. Evester wanted to believe that things would work out, for once. Even if the fact that the person he was hunting for was a Dreams addict. Even if that Dreams addict told him to stay away.

“Evester.” Europa called from down the hall. “Mother would like to talk to you.”

It was time. His mother would have finished her read through of the notes. Evester stood and met Endwin at the door. “Endwin can you get Heia?”

“You are bringing her to meet with mother as well?”

“Is that not a better decision?” Heiphillia was a part of plan and she should be there with him, or at least that’s what Evester figured. He doubted she would want to be there. It didn’t matter, she needed to be.

And, in a way, he wanted her there.

Evester headed down the hall towards his mother’s office, knowing that more that two pairs of eyes watched him.

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Part 2

YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 9 (Chapter 55)

228 Days Until Connection and the Uncertain End (Part 2)

Heia slammed open Evester’s door, expecting him to be passed out on his bed. She aimed for the sound to be disarming, deafening, loud enough to wake even the deepest of sleepers. Instead she found him sitting at his window still, phone in hand and a cocked brow towards her and the noise she had created.

“Way to make an entrance Heia.” Evester let his phone take his attention once more.

Perhaps he hadn’t taken as much of the drug as she thought. Or perhaps he was still Dreaming and to ruin his high would be horrible. She was not sure, so she tried to contain herself. “Did we get all the information or not?”

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 8 (Chapter 54)

228 Days Until Connection and the Uncertain End (Part 1)

Zeydar sat in his room looking over his hands. They were his hands, weakened in a way. He gaze was focused, and his blood was as clear as it could get. But his mind was driving him insane.

How had this happened?

Pounding lights and music. Colors that were changing as people partied late into the night. An After Party to what ever massive event had happened down town. He had went to the house party for one purpose only. Typically he didn’t sneak off Star Campus so far to find James, but he he had been determined to find his dealer and to get what he needed.

Zeydar had seen the madness of something between an orgy and dancing, between life and death, the combination of dreams and reality in the physical form. 

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 7 (Chapter 53)

229 Days Until Celebration and the Uncertain End (Part 6)

The After Party was particularly boring sober. Buzz gone, Evester was simply tired. He wanted to go home, and away from this nonsense. There was nothing keeping him here other than the will and motivation to find his target, and even that will was dwindling as he listened to the drabble of the upperclass conversations

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Let’s Talk: His Dark Materials

Let’s talk about HBO’s new His Dark Materials adaptation. I wasn’t planning on watching this series, if we were being honest.

Well, no. I wanted to watch it, but I was afraid.

I love His Dark Materials as a series. I didn’t hate the movie when it came out, but it wasn’t right. So seeing this, seeing actors I love in it, I was tempted. But I also don’t want to be dragged into a series where I look at the page to screen and scream “WRONG.” I just don’t. Not for this series. Not again.

And then the reviews came out. Oh, the reviews came out. And people who have never read the books are apparently confused AF, and the book readers love it? A big criticism is that there aren’t enough dæmons? (Which I did hear was because of budget constraints and to try to keep people focused. I understand that.) There have been some reviews that say it still it isn’t good enough, but it is better and reviewers I trust are saying its good.

I’m shocked. Stunned. Amazed. Enthralled. Excited.

Thus, I will be rereading the books as soon as I finish A Dance with Dragons and I will be starting the TV show as soon as I can. I may be writing weekly reviews for the series as a book to screen adaptation review. IDK. Would you even want that? If you do, would you want me to give spoiler side by sides, or just reviews? Let me know.