YP – B2:UtGoaFN – Chapter 14 (Chapter 60)

226 Days Until Justice And The Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia looked over the figures of her family, working hard and training skills they had not used in the past. The triplets were moving the best with the weapons, having been working with them for far longer. Kony still was not sure about magic, not that any of them knew how to train him in magic. He looked to the broken staff in his hands like the relic it was, trying something. Anything. Failing every time.

“What’s on your mind?” Andre asked her as he took a break.

“Nothing really.” Heia answered. It was odd to think that just a bit ago they were at home, struggling to survive and now they had clothes, a safe place to sleep, were well fed, and could train in this way without any fears. It was unfortunate with how much the Circles and Stars took for granted, and only made her hate them worse for the fact that they partied and acted as if the world wasn’t falling apart outside. 

“I know that look. You are angry.”

“Not angry. Irritated.” She knew that Evester hadn’t had bad intentions, but his decision still frustrated her. “The Circles don’t know how good they have it. They act as if all is good in the world without truly looking at how objectively horrible it is.”

“They have not seen it.” Andre sat next to her.

“And so they will never know?” Heia’s anger came out of her in a burst all at once. “The government should make them weary. They could help our people! Instead they tax the Towers relentlessly and make them hate us, while moving on in their lives grumbling about higher prices, and late entertainment.”

“Its a different world than our own.”

“As if that weren’t clear already.” Heia groaned. She heard the clash of weapons, letting her anger simmer.

“Again.” Ronda declared to Kori who was doing pull ups, and other upper body strengthening techniques. They all had what they had to learn and yet Heia was taking their training for granted in a way. EverDanger was qualified to teach them, because of the stupid things they had done in their lives. Their privilege gave them the skill set to be able to teach. 

They were teaching Heia how to survive, all while living in their privilege. Heia knew that they were doing their best to help, but their biases would not be changed in one night.

A Circle, a Star, an X. She had no idea why she was chosen, even if Evester wasn’t sure why he was. Heia knew why he was, but she? She had no idea. 

“Heia. Your turn.” Kim called out to her.

“Where is Evester?” Heia stood. She had been waiting for Evester arrive, and he had yet to do so. As if summoned by his name, he opened the door. The triplets were on him like flies, asking to be trained in holoblades within moments. With the question answered, Evester started work with holoblade training. Kim smiled in response and Heia stood. “I don’t know what we are learning.”

“Everything.” Kim answered in the most ominous way possible that had Heia more irritated with herself for asking, than worried about what it could mean. 

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