YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 9 (Chapter 55)

228 Days Until Connection and the Uncertain End (Part 2)

Heia slammed open Evester’s door, expecting him to be passed out on his bed. She aimed for the sound to be disarming, deafening, loud enough to wake even the deepest of sleepers. Instead she found him sitting at his window still, phone in hand and a cocked brow towards her and the noise she had created.

“Way to make an entrance Heia.” Evester let his phone take his attention once more.

Perhaps he hadn’t taken as much of the drug as she thought. Or perhaps he was still Dreaming and to ruin his high would be horrible. She was not sure, so she tried to contain herself. “Did we get all the information or not?”

“We did.” His words were short, distracted, but clear.

“And the in to Star Campus?” Heia did not want to relax just yet.

“For you, me, Endwin, and Kim? Secured. Or rather Graceon is getting a Star girl — May, I think her name is — to help us. I’ll have the confirmation soon.”

“How soon?”

“Soon.” It was a non-answer, and his eyes never left the phone screen. Evester was still dressed in his party clothes, in his disguise. He had not slept. He had not relaxed. He was on edge because of something.

“You are angry.” Evester’s chin rose so that he looked out the window. Looking through it, or perhaps at her reflection. Heia did not know.

“You said sober, and you took Sweet Dreams.” Heia’s anger flourished and then died.

“That wouldn’t have hindered me.” Evester still did not turn to her.

“Hinder you? Evester you made a…” Her words came to a stop. The remnants of her anger turned into shame as she understood that she trusted Evester little and had doubted him. It was not good for the mission. “You didn’t take it. How?”

“Zeydar took it from me, luckily. Not that I was going to take it otherwise. I’d have faked it.” Now he looked at her.

“Zeydar?” She thought back to the boy, the urgency from the others. The way that Evester and he had exchanged a knowing look. “He was there?”

“No one told you?” Evester seemed surprised. Heia didn’t want to tell him that her anger had overwhelmed her that most of what was said she didn’t remember now.


“Yes, he was there.” Evester turned to her fully.

“And he recognized you.” Heia knew that Evester knew she had been there. That she had seen them.

“He did.”


“Honestly. I think we met before at a party. I wouldn’t have forgotten his eyes. I simply didn’t know it was him.” Evester seemed a bit irritated over the whole matter. “I didn’t know his name then.”

Shame turned to shock. The person they were looking for Evester had already met? Was that a coincidence or? No… it was just a coincidence. It wasn’t like they were friends. They had met once. Yet, it’s conditional nature was intense, and she didn’t have one with Evester. The Yasloughve Project picked them for other reasons. “So what do we do now?”

“We wait. Then we go and get him.” Evester showed her his phone before placing it beside him.

“And if he doesn’t want to leave?” Like she didn’t.

“I have a feeling, he won’t be allowed to. He’s a Star, they are locked up and he’s the only survivor of a tragedy. His magic probably is the reason why he did.”

“It’s that magic we need to save the world.” Heia still did not believe that if the man could leave that he would. It took a special type of person to want to save the world on their own.

“Yes.” Evester’s voice was sullen and honest. “That is the reason why we need him.”

But why did the project need her? Evester? She had thought that only she doubted her place. That he was chosen because of his mother, and his father. However it was clear that he doubted himself. He didn’t believe that was why he was chosen. And suddenly, they had a lot more in common. 

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