YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 46

Rebuilding (part 3)

One by one Evester watched as the children handed out their IDs and they were checked by the security system. Each child was passed through to the members of EverDanger who stood waiting for them on the other side of security. Once they were all through, they’d travel up the tunnel to the city together on the Train. The youngest went first, then the older kids who had practiced memorizing some details on their IDs then Heiphillia’s family. Heiphillia and Evester being the last two to cross through.

Heiphillia handed her documentation, passed, and then Evester was called up to stand by her.

“Sorry about before.” The man apologized. “I’ve never seen a system error like that before.”

“It’s understandable. Most student groups aren’t allowed into the Tower like this.” Evester looked over everyone who was trying not to seem too excited to have crossed.

“But you aren’t just any. You are watched over by Estishia Igiliastal.” Evester’s eyes snapped to the man. The way the man said the name bothered Evester. This man knew their family and as he looked over Evester’s ID, Evester got chills. “I hadn’t realized at first. Is this a cover for you?”

Evester’s hands gripped his side ready to kill if he had to, ready to take Heiphillia away and run to hide if they needed to. He would find Zeydar, with Heiphillia and escape that night if needed. The man handed back the documents to Evester his eyes examining Evester in full. 

“You will find that there are many allies for you my prince. Welcome home.” He hand the documents back to Evester. Evester hesitated and then took them back. This man knew who he was and Evester waited. Waited for the bells, the whistles, the alarm. There was none.

“Let’s go!” Heiphillia called back to him. Evester eyed the man as he left through the gates unimpeded and walked with Heiphillia towards her family. Opening his makeshift passport, Evester saw a message inside. Written in code. A true fan of EverDanger. Evester snorted to himself as he read the message. It was an address, a number, and a name if he ever needed help, a name he recognized. And then the message that made his skin crawl: ‘For the royal lines. For The Royal Family. ’

There were fanatics amongst the Circles. Those who held ten families in particular prestige for the way they held positions on the World Council. Calling them the royal lines. They would do anything for those families, especially his. His family which was the incumbent position of Valaria, the Capital of the World. Most may treat his family like royalty at least in jest, but those who worshiped his family as the pinnacle? They called his family The Royal Family, and his mother was a Queen. It was how he and EverDanger always got out of danger with the law. It was how he always got what he wanted.

How it felt to be a Prince amongst princes, Evester had forgotten. 

There would be no danger. Not here. And with this? He had secured their way out. 

Everyone boarded the Train that led them up the tunnel towards the City of Valaria. The children packed to the windows looking up to the city as it came into view. The greenery, the shining buildings, the holograms, and projections, the silence. This was a CloudCity, sitting above the clouds and surrounded by blue. 

“Welcome to the city of Valaria.” Evester spoke to Heiphillia.

“What was that about down there?” She asked having noticed.

“That? That was me securing our route out.” 

“It didn’t seem like that.”

“It never does.”

Evester looked out the window. 

“How are we supposed to find Zeydar in this city of millions?”

“We go to Star campus.” Kim answered. “Where else? If he’s a star. He’ll be there.”

“What?” Heiphillia asked her.

“All Stars live in Star campus.” Kim smiled. “Its a way to keep them protected and keep their status known, outside of the mark on their hands. Speaking of which…” Kim addressed everyone. “Make sure not to remove your patches everyone. They will be needed.”

“Yes!” Everyone chimed back.

Evester starred out to the blue hoping that this mission to find Zeydar would take far less time than Heiphillia had taken. The time clicked away in his head. Two Hundred Thirty Days until the Uncertain End. That was far from enough time, and he had to make it work anyway. 

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