YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 43

231 Days Until Catastrophe and The Uncertain End (part 2)

The first thing Evester did, as they all did when they got to his house, was showered. He needed to get the smell off of him, the grime, the unmentionables. The shower went into high powered the moment he stepped inside, as if he was hazardous. The pounding waters moved to wash him and then the shower moved to scrub his body clean and drench him. Then there were waters to fix his scent. For the first time in far too long, Evester smelt like a Circle. He smelt of the combination of citrons, flowers, spices, and herbs that made him smell the way that the system determined fit him best. He smelt like himself, or at least how he thought of himself, though it was a little different. Different in a way he could not place.

Towel around his waist and one in hand, Evester left the bathroom and to his bedroom. Kim stood there with a smile. “There’s the boy I remember.”

“Kim. I need to get changed.”

“We need to cut your hair.” She held up a lock of his hair.

“It works as a disguise.” Evester pushed his hair back away from his face, “Besides it gives me a sexy and deadly look, no?”

“Of course.” Kim rolled her eyes. “The system changed your scent?”

“It did?”

“Smells a bit more… like fire? Dangerous. Even the cleaning system knows you’ve changed.”

“Like it?” he leaned closer to her.

“Undoubtedly.” She pushed him back lightly. 

“Is my mother here?” Evester walked past her towards his closet. Once inside he started looking over the clothes, the clothing system asking him what he was interested in wearing. In truth he wanted his spy clothes. He’d lived and almost died in them. Nothing felt safer. Unfortunately they were being washed. 

“Yes.” Kim answered.

“…” How he had hoped she wasn’t.

Selecting what he wanted he started to step into the clothes and ignored Kim.

“You are scarred.” Kim whispered, but did not move closer.

“Am I?”  Evester had never noted that he had scars. He hadn’t even realized that it was possible that he had been hurt. At some point he had been hurt, but that was in the past. Pulling his clothes to a close, Evester turned her her. Without another word, they left his room together and headed down to the main hall where his mother and siblings sat in the dining room for breakfast. Europa and Endwin’s eyes were on Evester, then to their mother, and then back to Evester.

“When did you get here?” Endwin asked.

“This morning.” Phil answered. “We climbed through sewage.” 

Evester sat at his seat that was always his seat, the seat next to where his father used to sit, opposite Europa and Endwin, a seat over from their mother who sat at the head of the table. 

“I have everything in place.” Uly informed Evester the moment that he sat.

“Good.” It was the best news Evester had gotten, and seemingly the only good news he’d get for a while.

“We will take care of the children.” Evester’s mother did not look at him. “And you and I will have a talk about what you and your father have been up to.”

“Saving the world. Typical nonsense.” Evester answered her serving himself. “I have no idea where he is. But that’s what I’ve been doing.”

“Saving the world?”  She still did not look at him.

“Yes.” How angry was she? It wasn’t like Evester ever had a close connection with his mother. Not after his father and her separation where Evester went with their father. She didn’t particularly approve of EverDanger either.

“Kids?” Europa asked. “How many?”

“A lot.” Kim answered. “All X’s.”

That had Estashia’s eyes up. It almost had her looking at him. “What?”

“No one told you?” Evester laughed, trying to get her attention on him. “They are all X’s.”

“You are bringing what into the city?” This had her looking at him.

“Mother.” Evester starred her down, their eyes fighting in a war. “I need this. I need a place for them, a place for all of it, then I’ll leave save the world and you won’t have to worry about it.”

“You really are planning to save the world?” His mother scoffed.

“It’s in the plans.”

“And where are these plans?”

Where were the plans indeed. “I don’t have them.”


“They are with the children. So unless you let me get them, I’m not getting the plans back.” He had left the plans there on purpose. “So now mother, are you going to be compliant and let us enter tens of children into the city who are Xs or are you going to report us?”

His mother glared at him, pressed her lips together, and then looked away erasing the look all toget

“Excellent.” Evester returned his focus to his food. “I will get them tomorrow.”

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Okay so, I had to make a decision… And I decided instead of posting these all on time, that I would just post them wrong. BUT you get the last four chapters of this book. I wrote the end of this in one sitting, so now we move on to the next book. As such, here you go. The last three chapters of this book. B2 starts next week. Yay? I think yay at least.


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part 2

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