YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 34

239 Days Until Acceptance  and The Uncertain End

Heia looked to the only entrance into Valaria from the Infinity. There were many exits out that the Circles and Stars had access to, but only one pathway in. Heia had never known X’s to be able to immigrate into a CloudCity. She didn’t know it was possible, however the fact that there was a way in told her otherwise. Gave her hope, at least.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 33

240 Days Until Frustration and The Uncertain End (Part 2)

Evester followed behind Kim specifically, as they entered into the establishment. They hadn’t been banned from the casino and blamed for the money loss. That blame had fallen on him and if he were caught inside… The way Evester’s pulse beat against his neck told him that this was exactly why EverDanger had picked this casino. They wanted him to be swarmed with the adrenaline of the mission. EverDanger knew the kind of high it gave him and this high?

He lived for it.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 32

240 Days Until Frustration and The Uncertain End (Part 1)

Heia watched as Evester slept next to the others of EverDanger under the watchful eye of her siblings. He looked the most relaxed that she had seen him since meeting him, sleeping on the shoulder of the red-haired Kim. His bag was held loosely in his arms as they sat in the back of the bus. Every time he’d slept before it’d been holding his bag tightly in a corner, half awake, half coherent, half ready to kill if necessary. Right now he was snoring and snuggled up close to the rest of EverDanger. This was perhaps the deepest sleep he had gotten in months since he began running, and Heia couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 31

244 Days Until Lessons and The Uncertain End  

Evester directed Andre out of the fast track spiral and to the floor that Kim had specified. The group chat was a mess of plans, and false information, but of this, Evester was certain. Their messages were monitored thus the need for false information. Luckily their code had been established early on between them and no one had ever been able to break it. No one yet, he assumed. Still, even with a unbreakable code, they needed false information littered with the real. In that was the floor they needed to get off on for the supplies they required. Namely: clothes. Circle attire and battle clothes like he had, for Heia and who ever was stupid enough to follow him. Circle attire would be necessary to get them into Valaria, above even manners or their fake identification.

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Magic in the City: Fairyloot Box

Story time: I realized all too late that this book box had something wrong with it. I saw the notification on instagram about the shipment having disappeared before I got the email. When I got the email, they said that it should ship within that week, but I did not get the shipping email until sometime last week and didn’t get the box until Thursday. This has been all sorts of stressful but its okay because I wasn’t planning on reading the book this month anyway!

July 2019 Fairyloot Box: Magic in the City

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