YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 33

240 Days Until Frustration and The Uncertain End (Part 2)

Evester followed behind Kim specifically, as they entered into the establishment. They hadn’t been banned from the casino and blamed for the money loss. That blame had fallen on him and if he were caught inside… The way Evester’s pulse beat against his neck told him that this was exactly why EverDanger had picked this casino. They wanted him to be swarmed with the adrenaline of the mission. EverDanger knew the kind of high it gave him and this high?

He lived for it.

Heiphilia and Evester walked into the casino, disguised and searching for Lynx and Onyx. Outside of Kim, the others had entered at different times to stagger and blend in. Their mission was to get the new clothes for Heiphilia’s family out. Her family and all the orphans she had insisted on bringing. Needless to say, they had to move a lot of clothes out without being noticed. 

“Where will they be?” Heiphilia asked.

“Probably the private rooms.” Evester answered

“How did they get it in here?” She continued, not bothering to keep her voice low, much to Evester’s dismay.

“Hell if I know. Lynx and Onyx would have figured out something.” Evester figured the answer had to do something with Onyx stealing a key and Lynx sweet talking them inside. As the three moved across the floor walked in, they Uly. Uly slipped Evester a note and walked to the exit, bag in tow, as Kim took off in a different direction. Glancing at the note he saw the room number. Easy in and easy out. Just the way he liked it.

“What?” Heiphilia looked to the note. “What does that mean?”

To others it would appear to be gibberish. “Code. It’s room 531.”

“This is what you are trying to teach us?” Heiphilia’s voice dropped lower, seeming to truly understand the situation they were in. “I will learn it.”

“Sure.” Evester tucked the note away and led them on past the fumes, smokes, and the tables to a private room where drinks were being served.

“Ah. You’re here.” Lynx spoke from the couch, Onyx on one side and the cases on the other. “Take my bags.”

“Your highness.” Evester rolled his eyes.

“You had best believe it.” Lynx drank from a cup glaring at Evester. “It’s tax day after all.”

“It is.” Evester’s smile cracked. He grabbed a bag and handed it to Heiphilia before taking his own. “One hour.”

“Yeah. yeah.” Lynx waved them off and they left the room.

“One hour?” Heiphilia asked. “For what.”

“To get everything in and out.” Evester focused on the journey from private room to the exit. Keeping his mid about him, his eyes flickered over the guards and anyone who could be watching them. “Then we head to a safe place and prepare for tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow.” Heiphilia repeated. Did she have to be so obnoxious? “Into Valaria?”

“We are going to try.” Evester doubted they’d make it in for the first try. It was why the next few hours were so important. They needed to find a place to stay that was not the bus. Evester had no idea how long it would take his friends to get into Valaria. Getting in was one thing. Getting in without making a scene and commotion, was another. EverDanger needed to get in without calling attention to themselves. It was necessary for protecting Hephilia’s family. They needed time to perfect such a pathway and all the necessary alibis. The first try was undoubtedly a failure. 

They walked out of the casino without much difficulty. Evester however, had recognized the looks and was positive they’d be unable to reenter without being questioned. Heiphilia had not blended in well and Evester did not want to tempt fate. Not that night. Not when they were so close.

When had he become so conscientious? 

“Ready to go back in?” Evester asked as they left the bags with Kori and Kony. The two would open the bags and pass out the clothes to the names listed within. Some kids were already dressed and being helped by Andre, Layla, and Karla.

“We are going back in?” Heiphilia had realized she’d stood out? Perhaps she was learning, and in which case, they needed to go back in. “Once was enough what if we get caught?”

“Exactly.” Evester fought back the smile as it inched upon his lips from the thought of it. What if they got caught? What would he do then? He had to try it. He had to tempt fate.

“You are the immortal. Not the defier of fate. No.” Heiphilia disagreed. “I’m not bending to your idiotic whims. You are the most wanted man on the planet and we aren’t ruining ever bit of this crazy scheme that you’ve worked so hard for, for a chance to not be caught. Once is enough.”

Once was never enough. However, Evester decided to let it drop. He’d tried enough things only once to know that the temptation to try it again would always linger. He’d been through enough detox sessions to know not to touch certain things ever again, and this? She was right, it wasn’t worth the risk. Besides, the better high came with breaking into Valaria. He hoped the others were recording it all. If they weren’t… They needed to because this was a heist unlike any they’d ever done before. 

Evester took a seat and waited for the others to return so they could find a place to stay until they got into Valaria. As he waited, Everster pushed the temptation away with the facts. Two Hundred Forty Days. The Uncertain End. The Aralax attack dates. He recited details in his mind to calm himself and remind himself of the mission at hand: finding Zeydar.

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