YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 26

252 Days Until Destruction and The Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia stood watching from the car side, waiting for familiar shadows to appear on the horizon. Her siblings had yet to arrive with Shawn. Another fighter, another driver, another person who could help them survive and Heia wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Shawn traveling with them? What about his family? Did his family know he’d been discharaged? Temporarily, sure, but still it was a disgrace. Though, it was not as much as a disgrace as defecting. 

When she saw the figure of three on the horizon her heart paced. The three traveled to them, with Robee carrying what looked like the radio and camera they’d used to contact the military hours before. The radio was a large box like receiver that could be dialed in and connected to by an outside source. It was portable, but rather large, with a screen that could show the picture of the person you were talking to. Where as Circles had smaller devices, X’s were left with the thrown away trash of yester-year. 

Evester was off the bus and racing towards them leading the Triplets and Heia after him. 

“Okay place it down.” Evester ordered. He pulled off his hood, wiped the sweat and grime off his face along with pulling down his mask. Robee did as he said and Heia watched as Evester dialed in the frequency for the radio to something.

“What are you doing?”

“Hold on.” Evester answered as he then pulled what looked like a phone, but flipped open from his pocket and used it along with the radio. The frequency changed and suddenly, the screen on the radio showed what looked like an online video viewing sight. Heia recognized it, as the largest platform on the planet. She used to watch videos on it in her free time, when they were allowed to. People recording about their extravagant lives. Evester typed into his phone and suddenly, the screen logged on to an account. He then made the screen before them split into a second and a third form, contact numbers two new frequencies that she did not know, and they were not yet connected.

The account, however, stood out. Something about it stood out to her.

“EverDanger?” Robee recognized it. “Evester… I knew it.”

“What?” Shawn asked him, looking between the split screen and Evester, eyes widening ever so slowly as Evester cleaned the muck off his face and pulled back his hair.

“Evester is Evester. Not just the son of some rich man who worked on the Yasloughve Project. But one of the craziest people alive.” Trace agreed and Heia finally understood why he was so familiar.

“Thanks.” Evester seemed to navigate the page for the account before tampering with the camera and camera stand. His face was cleaner than Heia had ever seen it and then she asked herself how she had never not noticed.

“What?” Layla asked.

“Remember those videos I showed you of the people sky diving with limited supplies? The ones who would jump off towers with body suits and wings? The ones who tight roped across skyscrapers in the CloudCities? EverDanger.” Robee answered, pulling Trace’s arm in excitement.

“You don’t need to remind me. I know who EverDanger are, idiot. I already knew” Trace’s voice was without the glee, Heia expected it to have. Heia knew how much Trace had idolized The Immortal. Heia also knew how Trace had seemed to watch Evester for longer and had noticed who he was sooner.

Robee pointed to Evester for Layla. “Evester of EverDanger. The Immortal.”

“Yeah…” Evester looked to the camera, ignoring his title. “My friends and I were popular I guess.”

“You did some real stupid stuff.” Trace laughed finally relaxing to the fact that now everyone knew.

“It was about the adrenaline nothing more.” Evester glanced to her and then back to the camera. “Besides we prepared for it all. It wasn’t like we went in without practice. That would be stupid.” 

Heia had wondered why a rich Circle boy had been sent to the lowlands to find her, and why he had survived for so long. Now she knew why. Now she understood. He was good at escaping? Hadn’t EverDanger escaped Rank One Magicians after pulling off a break in and gotten way with it? Hadn’t EverDanger done actual hunting in the limited wild. Hadn’t EverDanger been shot at by live ammunition and done survival games with real guns? Hadn’t Everdanger been able to break free of being buried alive? Hadn’t EverDanger escaped being locked up and submerged in water. Heia prided herself in her skill to pick locks but Evester of Everdanger…

Evester of Everdanger was called The Immortal. He was suspected to be impossible to kill. He looked danger in the eye and laughed in its face. He had done things that normal people should not have been able to. He should have died from the falls he took, from the things he tried. Yet he had lived, and suspected never to have been injured. He was called The Immortal for a reason. He was legendary, and she was unsure how she had not recognized him.

“And I’m live.” Evester spoke into the camera. Heia’s eyes went to the screen, where all at once thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions of people connected in to the live stream. All the accounts synced and the screen showed the two rooms that he had connected to all at once. “Alright. So I have no clue how much time we have before we are zeroed in by the government and hunted. We need time to escape so… I’m Evester, as you know me. Or Evester Igalistal for those of you who have seen my wanted posters. Yes, my father is the missing lead scientist of the Yasloughve Project. Yes. I have all his notes and final discoveries before he was taken on The Night of Oblivion. I am going to post on my websites, blogs, accounts, and all media picture of the next few month’s massive attacks by the Aralax that the Project predicted. 

“Just now. LakeLost was the first on the list and we were able to stop another catastrophe from happening again. I am not sure that if I gave this list to anyone that they would believe me or act at all. However these attacks are not limited to X’s. They are Towers. They are Cloudcities. They are everyone and we can survive them if we react in time. Currently, I am working for my father. A last sort of mission he gave me, to finalize the details needed to save us all. The Uncertain End is coming and I need your help. We must make sure our governments act on these dates. They must act and lives must be saved. Hold them accountable. Record the incidents. Make it so that everyone knows what happened and if you are from LakeLost show them what happened there tonight. Make it clear. 

“Then to the governments who want to catch me and will try to take down all the posts as they circulate. Come find me. I’ll play cat and mouse with you.” Evester held up his bag and pulled out the documents. “These are what you are looking for. This is everything you need. I have it. Good luck.” 

Evester cut off the connection. He disconnected the signal as he logged off. From his phone, Heia figured, he took a few photos of some documents and then began to post them. She saw him type a few more things before addressing the group. “Get everyone in the vehicles. I’ll catch up. Go now.”

Heia nodded. Helping the others they ran towards the bus and got Layla to start it. Robee hopped in a car and Andre did as well. Heia helped the children get settled as she looked to the window as Evester stood in the light wind, his black clothes moving. He snapped his phone closed and pulled his hood back over his head.

“Heia.” Kori spoke to her. “If you were chosen, and a person named Zeydar was chosen. That means he was chosen by the project too, right?”

Heia nodded. It was not just because he was the son of the lead scientist. He was the man known as the only Immortal being to walk the land. A Star made sense for their power, but her? What special skill did she have that he didn’t? What special skill could she provide the project? Why had she, an x, been chosen? The rumbling of excitement coursed through her veins.

And for the first time in all of this nonsense, she truly believed that Evester was telling the truth.

“Let’s go.” Evester spoke as he got on the bus, and the caravan moved out.

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