YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 25

252 Days Until Destruction and The Uncertain End (part 2)

Evester leapt through the carnage of bodies, human and Aralax alike. His eyes traveled to Kony, the only one who could possibly be a Star amongst them. If the boy was a Magician, they’d be able to decimate the Aralax. Only, the boy was not trained, as he remembered, and that alone kept Evester’s mouth shut. Evester ran on ahead after giving out his advice and words of wisdom. He pushed himself to cut down the Aralax in his path, in a way of assisting the soldiers who were shooting at them. 

He wondered if this sort of preparation would save the people of LakeLost. Almost nothing had changed, no one had been truly ready for the onslaught, but there were tens of soldiers, and hopefully enough more on their way. Was this worth getting exposed? Was this enough for Heiphillia?

Robee and Trace worked in a team as the Triplets worked together and Heiphillia raced next to Evester to work as his partner. He had intended for her to work with Robee and Trace, yet there she was next to him. Heiphillia pointed on ahead towards the path for them to escape.

“Trust me?” Evester asked her as they raced to more Aralax.

“No, but the soldiers are assisting us, so I supposed I should.” Heiphillia answered. “Don’t let me get killed.”

“As if I will.” Everster stepped in time with her, bringing himself to her pace and movement. He had never fought with another before, but he’d done enough daring partner acts in his life. This was nothing like those, in many ways this was far more dangerous. With his blade in hand the two took the lead of their group moving to injure, but not to kill the Aralax. With the soldier support they didn’t need to kill.

Through the Aralax, they struck at the only weak spots that were available, moving to escape over everything else. Shawn chased after them.

“Where are you going?” He yelled to them. 

“Go back and help!” Kori yelled to him.

“Heia!” Shawn shouted to her forcing her to stop running and for Evester to be caught off guard.

“Save the people here Shawn.” Heiphillia asked him. “I’ll be fine.”


“Evester tell him of all the next Aralax attacks.”

“What?” Evester didn’t want to be pulled into some lover’s quarrel. 

“Tell him so he can save so many more people.” Did she believe him or just want to get Shawn off their tail. “Tell him. And when you’ve saved all those people you can come find us with a united people who believe in the Yasloughve Project once more.”

She was doing this for the project? Since when was the project so important to her? Since when did she believe in it? Without waiting for the questions to be answered he began to list off all the next attacks between then and The Uncertain End. If the world had not gone silent before it did right then as he listed dates, locations, times, and casualty numbers. 

“Are you serious?” Shawn whispered as Evester cut himself off half way.

“That’s not all of them. Extinction is coming and I am trying to stop it. I need Heia. If she thinks you can stop those attacks then…” Evester pulled his bag off his back, pulling out the papers from inside of it, handing the ones that listed the attacks from then until on hundred days left. “Stop this.”

Evester didn’t need the papers. He had never thought to save all the people in the attacks, as he never had the connections. Now he did. Now he had a person who could lead the military to save the people, not just a way to the space program. He didn’t need all the files yet. However he needed to keep the remaining ones. He couldn’t let them know when The Uncertain End was. The list he gave Shawn was not a countdown. Not like the copy he’d keep.

“Save people.”

“I—“ Shawn gripped the papers. “I was discharged.”

Discharged? Evester looked to Heiphillia for a clue on what that meant.

“What happened?” Heia asked worried. “You still have the connection?”

“I — It was a temporary discharge to clear my head before I was disgracefully discharged. I’d have to report and they’d have to judge my actions.”

“What did you do?”

“Talked back. Essentially.” Shawn’s fingers curled around the papers bending them. “If I go back. I don’t know…”

“What?” Evester tried to understand.

“They are trying to minimize casualties, picking the cities with populations that matter more in their opinions. How can I… How can I convince them?” Shawn shook his head. “If I go they won’t listen to me.”

Evester was at a loss. 

“We need them to be saved.” Heiphillia spoke to Evester. “What do we do?”

Mind racing at a hundred miles an hour, Evester was left with one thought. Heiphillia needed the world to be braced for the attacks. Shawn could not do it, but she would not let Evester ignore it. Shawn could not do it because he was not going to be listened to. He was not important enough. However if they just gave the information, Evester wasn’t sure that it would be used in anyway. How could he care if it were?

Heiphillia would.

“You have access to their information and to contact them?” Evester asked coming to the one conclusion that would force him to play a dangerous card.

“Yes.” Shawn answered.

“Can you record me right now?”


“Go get your supplies. Robee, Trace go with him and meet us outside.” Evester needed to go over the notes to find the frequency numbers for the Circle and Star council to confirm what they were, but not there. He needed his phone. “We need to evacuate.”

“Understood.” Robee stated. “Get them out and we will meet you.”

The flames of the city made the world around them grow hotter. The sound of Aralax made it clear that more were coming their way. Turning Evester led the group forward, before they were surrounded.

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I’ve made changes to this since these were made, because of Chapter 26, soooo sorry if there is some slight inconsistencies.

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