YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 24

252 Days Until Destruction and The Uncertain End (part 1)

Heia stood on the roof waiting with her siblings as they watched the soldiers raid the town searching for Evester. Evester sat next to her eyeing the soldiers who were taking people out of sleep and their homes all at once. People were angry. People were yelling. The amount of soldiers who were there, showed that his message had been taken seriously. Many of these soldiers were for him, however.

“What did you do?” Heia asked him.

“I’ve escaped them and Magicians. My wanted poster is a searching poster, as they want me alive. However. I am a master of escape.” Evester said the words with a bit of pride.

“How?” Trace asked him.

“I—“ Evester stopped speaking and he pulled his mask up, blade ignited and hood up. The soldiers pointed up to them noticing them in a second before Evester was leaping through the air. Heia’s eyes followed him until she saw what he had seen. Aralax. It was there in the shadows behind the soldiers. Evester landed to the ground, sliding low and slicing up catching the monsters off guard. An eerie and monstrous scream rang out from the partner of the Aralax that Evester cut down. 

It went to attack him. For him to move out of the way knowing the exact way to react to the attack, how many of these creatures had he fought? After all the movements that he displayed, she could think of nothing else. As he attacked the Aralax and the Aralax cried out, other cries littered the city. Standing on the roof, Heia saw her city light up in fire and the sound of gun shots.

“Evacuate!” Shawn yelled in his military uniform. “Get the people out.”

Heia watched as Evester spun his blade in his hand to stab up and into the head of the beast that rained its yellow blood on top of him. 

“I understand now.” Kori whispered next to her. “Kony. Karla. Let’s go.”

“What are you doing?” Trace snapped at them. “We are here to make sure the soldiers react. Not to help.”

“They aren’t prepared like we are.” Kony jumped off in the lead falling through the air to ignite his holoblade bright blue, stabbing into down into the Aralax who had come from the alley next to them. Kori and Karla jumped off after to assist him, landing to the ground and stabbing up and then attacking the Aralax’s partner. The blood missed them as the bodies fell and they jumped away.

“They attack in pairs.” Evester’s voice came to her mind. He had told them, told her. He had been training the triplets at least a little. They were far more prepared than anyone else. That did not mean they couldn’t try.

“We get out.” Heia yelled. “Take down as many as you can.”

“Understood!” Robee laughed as he and Trace jumped from the roof, leaving Heia looking at them from above alone. Evester looked up to her and pointed on ahead. With a nod, she jumped to the ground and started through the streets with the soldiers and her family as they came to the larger streets of mayhem where Aralax and soldiers were engaged in a fight.

“Quick teaching!” Evester pulled his bag around to protect. Pulling out masks from one of the outer pockets he tossed them to the siblings, having enough for them. “Don’t breath their breath. It has a potent chemical in it that will cause us to go unconscious.”

“Okay!” Kori wrapped the mask around her mouth first. Blade spinning in her hand the way she had practiced. 

“Their blood is not acid, but it does burn. It is extremely hot. Do not get it on you.” He called out to them. Heia thought to the Aralax she had killed before and how much she had burned from the blood. She had thought it would kill her. 

“Whats the difference?” Trace yelled to him.

“Acid corrodes. This is only hot, so it burns. It’s not the same.” Evester answered. “Evasive action. Work in teams. Surprise works best.”

He listed facts, ideas, and concepts that they had heard before either when he was training the triplets or offhanded comments. They had done a bit of training, nothing like what the triplets did. Then, Heia hadn’t been completely prepared to fight them with those techniques and now those techniques were going to save them. Shawn seemed to repeat the instructions into his radio. 

“Our goal is not to kill them all.” Heia reminded them. “Just help.”

Help and get out.

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