YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 20

255 Days Until Silence and The Uncertain End

Zeydar sat next to May, the night before forgotten and their previous battle behind them. They sat atop a hill in the middle of Star Campus next to the Academy, that had direct line of vision to the horizon of the city where the sun was beginning to set over the clouds. 

“When are you leaving?” Zeydar broke the silence.


“When will you return?” She had only been there for a few hours.

“In a while.”

A while. It could be a few days. It could be many months.  “Before my birthday?”

“Before your birthday.”

“You will be there for my Superior Ranking?”

“You have the date?” May seemed surprised by this. Was that to say it was going to be postponed again?

“My exams are for my birthday.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

I don’t like being called out for being an addict.”

“I’m sorry. But…”

“I am. I know.”

He had never told her how and he never particularly wanted to tell her how. He liked May being blissfully pure and unaware that her Superiors, that the Superiors of all Magicians were as horrid as he knew them to be. She thought he had set himself upon this path after the horrors he had seen. He would not tell her that the horrors happened because he was an addict long before that at the hand of those who they were told to trust. And soon? Soon he’d be one of them.

“What are you doing?” Zeydar asked her trying to change the conversation.

“On the mission?”


“Looking for Evester Igialistal.”

“Evester? Why?” There was that name again.

“Why not? The Superiors want him found. His absence is causing his mother a panic and you know how they like to keep Circles happy.”

Especially the Circles who’s children are perhaps the only living people with knowledge of the Yasloughve Project’s final contents. Zeydar did not know what the Superiors wanted with Evester, and Zeydar did not want him to be found. What they’d do to him was impossible to determine. Yet if they were willing to cover up the deaths of millions for Zeydar, and evacuate their people in secret, they could very well kill Evester and blame it on the Aralax. Zeydar did not trust them, nor would he ever. 

“What?” May asked him. “I thought you didn’t care for the missing Prince of Danger.”

“Why would I?” Zeydar had far better things to worry about, such as what the time line was between May leaving and his next big training session with Majorie. He needed to have the times down to the minute so that he could figure out what kind of high he could get. 

“I was joking.” May laughed. “No need to get so defensive.”

“I’m not. I’m just… Agitated.” He’d blame it on the drugs not the incessant desire to disappear from the world and the sins of his family. And the sins that he, himself, had committed. Zeydar laid down using her lap as a pillow. “Wake me up never.”

“You’ll die.”

“There are worse things.”

“Stop being so mellow dramatic.” She placed her hand on his shoulder. He starred off into the sky horizon from where they sat. Would this give him a better cover of normality? Would this keep the Superiors from knowing too much about him? He hoped.

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When compared to the last chapter, this one is a little thin. hahaha it happens.

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