YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 17

260 Days Until Promises and The Uncertain End 

Zeydar walked through the Academy of Arcadia listening to how everyone was freaking out. 

“MAY has won! They won the dispute!” Everyone seemed so very excited by the news leaving Zeydar thoroughly confused. Was it not taught in their classes that the Yasloughve Project was good for their people? It was what found magic. It was what had saved millions. It had led to the building of the CloudCities and UnderCities. Why was it that the Magicians wanted it stopped?

It was something he never truly understood. He understood the principal of the fact that it was all political. He knew that the project was ‘outdated.’ He also knew that much of the reasons against it were due to the Catastrophe and Uncertain End that it was predicting. It was said to be past its prime unable to keep up with the current progression of society.

But why did the Magicians want it gone? It had only ever helped them, and from what Zeydar understood, the project always placed them first. It was what kept Magicians as superior when the Circles tried to take their rights and to better control them.

“Zeydar.” Tyler called out to Zeydar. Zeydar hoped that the man would be able to be the one to shine some light on the situation. The man was nonchalant as he walked into the courtyard ready to take Zeydar from the classes, the ones that Zeydar had long stopped being able to learn anything from.

“Tyler.” Zeydar raced up to him. “MAY won?”

“May? I thought you won your magic battle.” Tyler asked with a bit of worry in his voice.

“Magicians Against Yasloughve.” Zeydar laughed thinking of the Class two Magician. She was not the one that he was speaking about. “Not May.”

“Oh you mean the court case?” Tyler sighed heavily.

“Yes. They won?”

“They won.”

“Why is everyone so excited by it. I thought the project was for our good.”

“It was… is…”

“Then why?”

“The project calls for many things that we simply do not have the resources for and says that if we do not comply everyone will die.” Tyler laughed. “No one likes to think it’s right, and so they have declared it wrong, and we had no choice but to turn against it… plus Magicians don’t need it to protect us anymore.”

“The project has never been wrong.”

“No. However it is an old system, and we have not had to follow its instructions in many years for how to save situations. We have magic and it has not accounted for that. Not for how far we have come and the scientists in charge of the project can’t seem to input these changes. it protects us, but never seems to remember we exist. The inconsistencies are astounding.” Tyler placed his hand on Zeydar’s shoulder. “It’s no big deal in a few years it won’t matter.

“So it will be shut down.”

“It will.”

He wasn’t sure he completely understood but he wanted to do his best to pretend he did. 

“Don’t worry Zeydar, this isn’t something that effects twelve year olds.” Tyler smiled to him leaning down. “It will never affect you. I promise.”

“Promise?” Zeydar looked up to him and saw the flames of destruction, the night where everything collapsed. The bleeding Tyler who told Zeydar to run. The Yasloughve Project was not important and it would never be to a twelve year old. There were reports of the project being shut down across CloudCities, and how the head scientist left Valaria to keep it running for a small bit to get some last predictions before turning it off.

“I promise.” Said this cheerful Tyler. Zeydar turned his eyes from the pain, back to the happiness, to the dream. He tried to focus on Tyler. The kind and happy Tyler that Zeydar would always cherish. Tyler offered to walk Zeydar to his next set of classes. “Tell me about your day.”

“Are all Superiors this clingy to their charges?” Zeydar teased him.

“There aren’t very many Class 1s. I want to keep you in the family.”

In the family. Under their control. For as much as Zeydar wanted to pretend otherwise, Tyler was the one who handed him the drink that was laced in Sweet Dreams. Tyler had always been the one to control his power. There may not have been as many Class 1 children, but Zeydar was special.

Zeydar had to be controlled and the sound of kids screaming in play almost echoed as those of true fear. But there was nothing to fear in Arcadia.

Zeydar took the drink willingly without another thought.

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