YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 15

265 Days Until Disaster and the Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia’s family did not seem to give any indication of acceptance to Evester’s reasoning on why he needed her. The details were more elaborate than when he explained earlier. It was those details that surprised her. It was the files and paperwork that he pulled out, filled with words and characters that she could not read, that made her heard beat wildly.

She did not want to believe he was Evester Igilistal, famed and known. He had left that detail out. But, she had to admit that it was becoming more reasonable.

The Project had defined three people as necessary for saving humanity from The Uncertain End. The goal was not to live on their home but to move to a new planet that the project had found. The project laid out all the major attacks. It showed all the major changes that were going to happen in the world. It showed how the Aralax were there to stay. It depicted how to win against them. It explained what needed to be done.

Evester’s knowledge of the project, of the plans, and of the details was borderline obsessive. He had memorized it all. He was prepared to discard the proof at the toss of a hat to ensure the project succeeded. His belief in the Project was fueled by the disappearance of his father, of how he had been raised. He had been farmed for this, created for the sole purpose of the project by his father.

“You believe this?” Layla looked up from the files.

“Of course not.” Heia answered honestly or as honestly as she had felt before she saw the papers she could not read. “But he does.”

“Heia.” Andre warned her.

“We can get the whole family out. Somewhere safe. Somewhere, where we don’t have to hide.” Heia explained. “I want to bet on that.”

“This is dangerous.” Layla shook her head. “Let the governments handle it.”

“Like they handled the Catastrophe and massacred us? No thanks. I’m in.” Trace nodded to Evester. She looked at him with eyes that seemed to be both weary and idolizing. She was not sure if he were her idol either. Heia wanted to remind her that he could just be using Evester’s name because it was known. Heia had no proof he was who he said he was, and he didn’t look like Evester Igilistal.

“If she’s in then I’m in.” Robee agreed. “I have no other reason to say no.”

“I want to go.” Kori agreed.

“It could be dangerous.” Kayla warned her.

“We will be fine as long as we are together.” Kori disagreed.

“I agree.” Kony gave a nod to the two.

“That’s majority.” Heia declared too Layla. “We begin to move. Say, it’ll take two weeks to get everyone ready and then we can disappear.”

“I—“ Layla started when her expression turned to frustration at Evester who had made a sound in disagreement. “What?”

“Two weeks. Fourteen days. Two Hundred Fifty One, not possible.” Evester pulled apart the papers to what looked like a file of time lines. He flipped through it.

“Why not?” Heia wasn’t sure that they could pull off moving any faster than that. They needed to get transports for the kids. They needed to pack everything and get coolants to preserve food. They needed time. And they needed to do it in a way that made it so that no one knew they were leaving.

“Two Hundred Fifty Two, LakeLost lost attack.” Evester answered. “Estimated dead is… LakeLost is lost after that attack. The Aralax will strike.”

His words filled the room with a chill, but caused Heia’s blood boiled. “You didn’t plan to tell me that did you?”

“Not everyone dies, but many do.” He shrugged.

“You don’t care?”

“It’s not something you can stop.”

“Isn’t that the point of the Yasloughve Project? To stop these things?”

Evester blinked and then laughed. “You’re right it is. But how are we going to convince an entire city to get out?”

“What if we called in the military instead.” Kori suggested. “Convincing people to evacuate is harder than convincing the military to come and save us.”

“And how do we do that?” Evester asked her.

“You are Maverin Igalistal’s son. You’re Evester Igilistal. Right?” Heia used the fake name against him. When he flinched, she knew he lied. “You are trying to hide your identity because you are being searched for right?” 

Heia pulled out a slip of paper from her pocket, opening it to show a wanted image of Evester. He was wanted alive by the Circles and World Government. He was labeled as Missing, not a wanted fugitive. Looking at the poster and Evester’s face, she saw similarity behind his beard and scruffy hair, but it was still wrong. Trace and Robee looked from the wanted poster to Everster as if wanting to say something but unable too. “If we used your name and face, could we not call them?”

“Are you insane?” Evester glared at the picture. His eyes traced over the image and then met each set of eyes in the room. He was looking to see something in our responses to the photo. He knew that he did not look like the person in the picture. He might have lied about who he was, but he was not lying about the Project. Heia could only trust him so much. “They’d never let me leave.”

“Then we don’t let them catch you.” Kony agreed. “We get our family out before they come, make the call and then leave. How long would it take for them to respond.”

“A few hours.” Evester answered. “It would have to be the day of.”

“Okay.” Heia agreed. “We do it.”

“Heia!” Layla gasped.

“You want me to believe in this prophecy machine? You want me to believe in the fact that we can save the world? Then prove it. Save LakeLost.” Heia crossed her arms and glared at ‘Evester.’

He said not another word as he collected the papers. Heia wasn’t sure if he would agree, but as he mumbled the date under his breath she hoped that he would. They had twelve days to get all that they needed at the maximum. Twelve days to get Layla, Andre, and the children out of LakeLost headed to Valaria.

“I think you forget an important detail. How do we get in contact with the military?” Layla asked them all.

“Easy.” Kony smiled too Heia. Shawn. He meant Shawn. Shawn would get them in contact; she’d make sure of it.

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