NEWTs are coming!

Alright, so if you were here… You’d remember in April when I discovered the OWLs reading exams and would remember how pumped I was. The NEWTs information dropped today (the 30th of June) which gives me a full month prep for August (when the reading challenge is). It’s also why I’m coming to you all with this post on a day I don’t typically post.

Before the end of the month (July) I will have my reading list out for you all. It is different than my normal reading lists, as this will be focused on NEWTs. I have bought a few books specifically for this event already. Expect to get reviews on a lot of them.

Overview for now.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 18

257 Days Until Sedation and The Uncertain End

Zeydar sat in the library as fully alert as he could be after coming off a Sweet Dreams binge far exceeding the time and dosage he typically took. It had been amazing, allowing him to see the sunsets of Arcadia in such vivid detail. He had felt the wind on his skin. He had tasted the world as he had back then. Of course, all the senses were heightened instead of dulled as they were for Zeydar normally. 

Sweet Dreams were the only way for him to feel. Otherwise his senses were locked up, with the chains and keys of the Superiors.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 17

260 Days Until Promises and The Uncertain End 

Zeydar walked through the Academy of Arcadia listening to how everyone was freaking out. 

“MAY has won! They won the dispute!” Everyone seemed so very excited by the news leaving Zeydar thoroughly confused. Was it not taught in their classes that the Yasloughve Project was good for their people? It was what found magic. It was what had saved millions. It had led to the building of the CloudCities and UnderCities. Why was it that the Magicians wanted it stopped?

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Just a Random post

Yo, guys. I had a fully hanging sentence in my FairyLoot box post. How could you not comment and say that the sentence (the third one in the whole post) made no sense because it was a massive fragment? At least when I tend to write fragments they make more sense than that one did.


As a reminder, FairyLoot box posts are going to be a normality until at least December, since I have the subscription now. I think I forgot to mention this in my post, so… yes. I made a whole post for this day, Friday, about it.

Otherwise, until next time.


Broody Banter: Fairyloot Box

So I’m not usually this… late. I got sick so I wasn’t able to finish the work on this and the other crate post. As such here you go, today, a little late. If my thoughts aren’t as extensive as normal on what I’ve gotten (not that I ever get really extensive), its cuz I was sick… Somehow I didn’t even finish this sentence when I first posted it, if that’s a sign about anything.

Regardless, I needed a transition word to move us into the main part of this post.

June 2019 Fairyloot Box: Broody Banter.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 16

264 Days Until Truth And The Uncertain End

Zeydar laid facing the celling of his room staring at the way that the white molding was as immaculate as the day he had arrived. Just the other day he had noticed paint chipping that was now fixed. The Stars and Circles who worked as support staff were detail oriented, and entered his room far more than he realized. Zeydar was sure that it was a sign that they noticed everything.

Just how had he gotten out to see the dealer?

He thought of his last Dream, and the memory of Tyler on the day he’d gotten his Star tattoo. It had been sweet. He wanted to return. However he had returned to the present.

Eyes closed Zeydar focused on his breathing. Some time ago he had wanted to stop this, and to gain control over the magic that his Superiors wanted locked away. He had seen what that magic could do and now he lived in the whiteshade prison. Counting the hours until his next dream and counting the minutes for when the previous one would end, calculating the moments of how he would get more, and figuring how to hide the symptoms from his Superiors. Tyler would not have wanted that for him.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 15

265 Days Until Disaster and the Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia’s family did not seem to give any indication of acceptance to Evester’s reasoning on why he needed her. The details were more elaborate than when he explained earlier. It was those details that surprised her. It was the files and paperwork that he pulled out, filled with words and characters that she could not read, that made her heard beat wildly.

She did not want to believe he was Evester Igilistal, famed and known. He had left that detail out. But, she had to admit that it was becoming more reasonable.

The Project had defined three people as necessary for saving humanity from The Uncertain End. The goal was not to live on their home but to move to a new planet that the project had found. The project laid out all the major attacks. It showed all the major changes that were going to happen in the world. It showed how the Aralax were there to stay. It depicted how to win against them. It explained what needed to be done.

Evester’s knowledge of the project, of the plans, and of the details was borderline obsessive. He had memorized it all. He was prepared to discard the proof at the toss of a hat to ensure the project succeeded. His belief in the Project was fueled by the disappearance of his father, of how he had been raised. He had been farmed for this, created for the sole purpose of the project by his father.

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